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Indulge in the elegance of a soaking tub from Barclay. Classic shapes in a variety of attractive finishes. Authentic claw-foot styles or pedestal bases in cast iron, copper or acrylic. Distinctive new designs in acrylic and resin. You’re sure to find a size and style to accommodate your space and accentuate your good taste. Barclay is the fashionable approach for revitalizing your bathroom decor with an elegant bathtub.... From its inception, they have offered the products and styles that make your bathroom your personal showroom. All their tubs are offered as soaking tubs, some even with the option of an air system! Barclay's management team is focused on securing quality products and concepts from around the world that fit into the lifestyles of North American consumers. The list of countries the team has visited in search of uniquely styled bath products reads like the index to a world atlas – including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Dubai, Ecuador, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and of course, the United States. The Team at Barclay Products is committed to ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied with the products and service provided. Barclay is proud of the brands and products they sell, and they stand behind them 100%. Barclay is committed to offering the right design elements, required performance specs, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed customer service. 

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Barclay Air Tubs
Water Movement with Air System
See Air Bath in Action

Relax and feel the stress of the day evaporate as pre-warmed air surges through 16 strategically placed jets, surrounding your body with air bubbles to massage aching muscles and stimulate your circulatory system. Placement of the jets at the bottom of the tub ensures maximum bubble action for your massage. Each jet contains a backflow preventer and is also drained and dried by an automatic system purge run after each use. This ensures good hygiene and making the system virtually maintenance free.
Remote Control for Air System
Control the intensity of your massage with the ergonomically shaped, water tight remote.
Black or White Air Injectors
Choose either white or black jets.
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Air Jet Massage Features
- Remote Blower
- A 20-minute timer ensures your safety.
- Powered by 750 watt motor
- Air pre-heated by 300 watt heater
- System operates on 120V
- Air jets are solid brass with 24 air holes each
- Air jets are available with either white or black caps
- No water flows through hoses, eliminating the danger of stagnant water collection
- Automatic purge dries jets after each use
- Not available for cast iron tubs or tubs with feet
- Please refer to desired bathtub for more information and compatibility
Duet Bath Painted Robotic Blue
Barclay Tub Colors
Customize your new bathtub with a vibrant color from the palette of Sherwin Williams durable Protective Marine Paint. Barclay will custom paint the exterior of your cast iron or acrylic tub with the color of your choice.
Be bold or be subtle. Sherwin Williams offers an array of fabulous hues to personalize your bathroom decor. Awaken your creativity!

Extra Paint Charge (inside of tub is always white):
Bisque Paint $160
Black Paint $160
Flat Black Paint $160
Designer Color $302
View the Sherwin Williams Protective Marine Palette at:
Protectibe Marine Paint Pallet See more Barclay Custom Painted Tubs →
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