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Modern Rectangle Freestanding Tub with Square Tub Filler

AFR | Above Floor Drain Connection for Slab & Remodel Installation

Tubs for remodeling applications and installations on slabs when the drain can't be easily moved
The standard tub needs a large cut out of the floor to connect the overflow pipe to the drain pipe. This works great for most remodels and new construction. But what if the drain is being moved for a remodel and there isn't an area for a cut out? Putting a tub on a slab can be difficult unless you can trench the slab or create a false floor. Not easy options.
Standard Tub Installation with Floor Cut Out
The drawing above shows a typical tub installation. A large cut out is needed for the overflow and drain pipe. When a tub is designed for an above floor drain connection there is space under the tub to run the drain pipes (above the floor). A much smaller cut out in the slab or floor is needed, just for the down pipe (pictured below). This make installation on a slab much easier.
Above Floor Drain Tub Installation with Floor Cut Out
Our drawings above show an alcove style with a front skirt. But most of our tubs listed are for the popular freestanding style. This drawing from MTI will show a cut away of a freestanding tub skirt. This picture also shows a Quick Connect to make the installation easier.
Tub Floor is higher, Quick Connect Option

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