What is the Best Hydrotherapy Tub System?

Everyone has an idea of what will help soothe away the pressures of the day. While we can't help with your wine or music selection, we can help you choose the best hydrotherapy system. Learn the differences between the air & whirlpool jets and discover modern hydrotherapies like Stream Bath & Micro Bubble. Sometimes the simplest form of hydrotherapy is best: soaking in warm water, a soaking tub. In line heaters can be added to many tubs to keep the water warm, so you can enjoy the therapy longer. If you are looking for more in your bath, look to jets that provide a massage. We will give you a feature summary for each spa tub system and links for more information.

Whirlpool, Air, Heated, Stream or Micro Bubble Hydrotherapy

Who makes the Best Hydrotherapy Tub?

Many manufacturers will state that they make the best. The truth of the matter is it depends on the hydrotherapy tub that is perfect for you. We carry 12 bathtub companies that are industry leaders. Why do we carry so many? So we can help you get to your perfect hydrotherapy tub. At Tubz.com we are not just order takers in a call center. We are a small team that takes pride in our customer service and the product knowledge we have accumulated in our 20+ years of experience. We are here to help! 866-380-0303

Shop Hydrotherapy Tubs by Size & Style

We have sorted all of our tubs by size to help you with shopping. You will find these links below. Before you head there, we do offer more information on finding the perfect bath tub. Our article Choosing a Bathtub → gives thoughts on the different things to consider like installation styles and tub sizes.
60" - 5' 66" - 5 ½'
72" - 6'
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