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Japanese Soaking, Heated, Whirlpool & Air Bathtub

Japanese soaking tubs are small and deep. They are designed with a seat(s), allowing bathers to sit comfortably in deep water. Most of our Japanese soaking tubs listed are for drop-in or undermount installation but you will find a few that are freestanding.

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Traditionally Japanese Bathtubs are Soaking Only Tubs

All of the Japanese style tubs we offer are available as soaking tubs.¬†For those that want more massage options; some of the tubs are also offered as a whirlpool, air bath or combination of both. The whirlpool will provide a deep tissue massage with water jets. A soft tissue massage is provided by an air bath. And a heater soaker will maintain the water temperature. The bathtub description will indicate what systems are offered. Most of these ofuro tubs are designed for 1 bather with one seat. As you go down the list to the bigger baths, you will find a few Japanese soaking tubs for 2. More information on Japanese Soaking Baths →

Bathtubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest
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40" Small Japanese Soaking Tub
52" - 62" Japanese Ofuro Bath
66" Large Japanese Soaking Tub
You sit upright in a Japanese bath
Sitting in a Japanese style bathtub is like sitting on a chair.
Since your legs aren't stretched out, this style of bath is shorter than the traditional tub. When choosing a Japanese Ofuro, make sure you'll be able to get the tub sideways through doorways. These tubs are tall (28" - 36"). The standard door width is 34", but not all doors are standard so be sure to double check.

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