Aquatica True Ofuro Duo Bathtub

True Ofuro Duo Japanese Style Freestanding Tub

True Ofuro Duo provides a luxury of an intimate bathing experience for couples. It is a very deep and luxurious Japanese style freestanding soaking tub that was designed specifically for a relaxing full body soaking experience. This traditional ofuro style bathtub with a modern twist is a perfect choice for those who take great pleasure in the benefits of soaking in hot water. Featuring a sculptured built-in headrest, Aquatica's True Ofuro Duo allows you to exfoliate the day's worries with your significant other providing you with deep, aromatic and luxurious comfort. Made of light-weight state of the art DurateX™ glass-carbon composite, this freestanding bath is offered in matte white.

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Oval Freestanding Bath, Smooth Sides, Wide Rim, with Optional Step
Oval Freestanding Bath, Smooth Sides, Wide Rim, with Optional Step Side View, 2 Raised Backrests Top View, Tub with Two Seats, Center Drain
Bathtub Size: 61.5" x 49.25" x 37.25"
Water Depth: 27.75"
Water Capacity: 155 Gallons
Solid Surface Composite
Matte Finish

Drain Not Included (see options)
Adjustable height legs
25 Year Limited Warranty
Country of Origin: Italy
Faucets pictured not included with tub

True Ofuro Duo Freestanding Tub

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Aquatica True Ofuro Duo Offers:
• Very deep bathtub designed for full body immersion of 2 adults
• Modern interpretation of traditional Japanese Ofuro bathtub
• Freestanding construction
• Solid, one-piece construction for safety and durability
• Ergonomic design forms to the body's shape for ultimate comfort
• Quick and easy installation
• Concealed overflow

Made for Seated Soaking
Integral Seat for Seated Soaking for one or two bathers
There is nothing else quite like our True Ofuro Duo. This unique, modern take on the traditional Japanese-style bathtub is made for seated soaking of two bathers. So the design incorporates two built-in seats and the depth of the tub has been extended to 27.75" to ensure full body immersion for even 6ft plus bathers.

Constructed of DurateX™
Made of light-weight state of the art DurateX™ glass-carbon composite. Made in Europe using genuine European and American composite materials.
- Relatively light - only around 300lbs, which is low for the massive dimensions
- Non-porous, marine-grade, UV-stable surface for indoor-outdoor use, easy cleaning and sanitizing
- Color is consistent throughout in thickness – will not fade or lose its brilliance over time
- 25 Year Limited Warranty
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2 Ergonomical headrest
Raised Neck Rest
The True Ofuro Duo Japanese style bathtub features 2 ergonomic built-headrests for comfortable and relaxing bathing experience.

Slot Overflow
Slotted Overflow
Integrated slot overflow brings sleek minimalistic design appeal, increased water depth, improved ergonomics, simpler and lower cost maintenance.

True Ofuro Duo Options
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Tub Drains
Euroclicker FA (tap drain to open or close)
Dome Cap to press on to open or shut
Polished Chrome
List Price: $190.00
Matte Black, Matte White, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze or Venetian Bronze
List Price: $240.00
Tranquility Heat System | Soaking Bath
Water heater with ozone disinfection.
Due to its high-efficiency pump, the Tranquility system is ultra-quiet. In fact, the system is so quiet that you cannot hear it working. Only flow of pleasantly warm water from the hot water outlet will indicate that the system is working as designed. When the system starts, you might notice some air bubbles and a very light swirl on the surface. The Tranquility system features a 104° F safety thermostat with shut-off function. The heater will turn itself off upon reaching 104° F maximum allowed water temperature. The Tranquility system is designed to turn itself off automatically after 20 minutes of use.

The US/Canadian 110V heated bath system features a 1.5kW heating element with thermostat limited at 104°F. Due to general limitations of the 110V power (high AMP draw) and the subsequently a relatively weak heating element, this version is designed mainly to maintain water temperature, not to heat the water. The advantage of this solution is that it is a clean "plug & play". You can simply plug your heated tub into the existing electrical outlet without any modifications. Important – due to limited heater power, the temperature adjustment system is not functional in the 110V systems. The 110V systems are designed to maintain water temperature.
- 20A dedicated 120V GFCI protected circuit
- 1 NEMA Plug (3 prong)
- Temperature Control Non-Functional / Water Temperature Will Be Maintained
- Built in 7-color chromotherapy system
List Price: $17995.00

The US 220V/60Hz heated bath system with the hot tub like temperature control features a more powerful 2kW heating element with thermostat limited at 104°F. This bath heating system will react to water temperature changes and heat the water in the bathtub considerably faster. Considerations - you will be required to pull a dedicated 220V electrical cable to your bathroom, which will require the services of a certified electrician. Moreover, the bathtub comes with an electrical junction box and will need to be hardwired. It cannot be plugged in via appliance type electrical cord like the 110V system discussed above. For larger water capacity bath-tubs, this is the recommended solution as you will no longer be dependent on your hot water tank.
- 15A dedicated 220V GFCI protected circuit
- Direct Electrical Cable
- Fully Functional Hot-Tub Like Temperature Control
- Built in 7-color chromotherapy system
List Price: $17995.00
Waterproof Walnut Step
Teak Steps Matches Bath Self
Aquatica’s Bathroom Step-In Stool has been architecturally and perfectly designed to be used in any bathroom scheme. Whether you need a step to sit on while drying off after your bath, or a step to help you get in your deep soaking bathtub, this articulately designed step-in bathroom stool is perfect for your bathroom needs. Designed and crafted using a high-quality walnut wood, which contains a natural and organic oil making it naturally waterproof. This will aid in the step-in stool not becoming brittle, bent, swollen or cracked from water damage.
21.75 L x 16.25 W x 7 H
Weight: 11#
List Price: $599.00
Nordic Insulation
Insulated Tub
The Aquatica Bathtub Nordic Insulation System is a complete bathtub insulation system. Designed to insulate and air seal all the bathtub inner surfaces, including the bathtub bottom. This premiere insulation system creates an air chamber that prevents heat loss. It creates a perfectly insulated, sound-proof, monolithic solid stone interior while benefiting from some substantial weight savings.
Foam Insulation is Sprayed Between the Walls
List Price: $399.00
Vanilla Headrest
Black Neck Pillow
Black or White Gel Pillow
Relax in your bathtub! These headrests have been specially designed and hand-made in Italy, with an ultramodern polyurethane gel, giving the headrest its 'shape memory'. Compatible in any square bathtub, and perfect if you're looking for head support lower than on the edge of the bath. Highly durable, resistant, and elastic, these non-toxic headrests won't require an adhesive to stick and adhere perfectly to all stone and acrylic bathtubs.
White Gel Neck Pillow
List Price: $149.00
Freestanding Bath Installer
Drain Adapter
This well-rounded kit includes all the equipment required to install an Aquatica freestanding bathtub within minutes and has been specifically designed to be installed with an 8" joist space or in a concrete floor. Including 2 Brass Tailpieces (Fine Thread and Flanged), a Freestanding Bath Installer™ assembly with 1-1/2" DWV ABS tailpiece as well as a cutting template. This 18 Gauge Epoxy Coated Metal Deck Flange can also be installed with a Waterproofing Membrane.
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

List Price: $199.00
Tital Wood Tray
Modern Wood Tray that Sits on the Tub Rim
A stunning take on the traditional bathtub tray, this new bathtub tray incorporates the rich, warm tones of pure, solid, natural Iroko wood crafted in a very modern, chic design that exudes style. The solid wood ensures balance and excellent strength. The overall size – 36.25" x 8.25" gives you plenty of room to put all your bathing essentials right at hand. The wood used for this bathtub tray is 100% natural and has been treated with a teak oil to ensure waterproof impermeability and long life. It drains and self-dries freely. Choose from Teak or Iroko
Teak List Price: $699.00
Iroko List Price: $649.00
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