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Aquatica approaches the bath not as an object but rather as a sensation; the bathroom not simply a utility but a haven of self-indulgence. Every one of our products aims to transport you into a realm of luxurious pleasure.
Freestanding Oval Bath with Raised Backrest

Aquatica Baths with Function, Form & Fashion

Understanding form is the secret to bathing bliss. Stunning, contemporary interpretations of natures inspiration ensure Aquatica baths make an instant impression on the senses. Timeless style and grace are tempered with innovative technology and smart fashion to create a bathroom range that is superbly made and crafted for utmost pleasure.
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Aquatica Freestanding Bathtubs
Somehow, the sheer presence of a freestanding bathtub in any room immediately creates a sense of tranquility and calm, self-indulgence and anticipated pleasure. Perhaps because the art of designing a beautiful free-standing bath lies in transforming this daily function into a private ritual of 'me-time'.

Within the Aquatica freestanding bathtub range lies a superb selection of styles and designs. Modern, classic, traditional….elegant, flowing lines or crisp, clean, urban shapes. Square, round, rectangular and oval. Compact, capacious, simple, sophisticated, single or room for two….every one a bathroom dream come true.

Aquatica Bath Styles
Solid Surface
Solid composite is based on natural rock mixed with a small amount of polyester resin, then hardened at high temperatures.
• Impermeable - it does not absorb water
• Heat resistant - it does not lose its properties, even at 100°C.
• Smooth, non-porous surface - it does not absorb liquids which could stain, such as coffee or wine.
• Chemically resistant to all conventional solvents, acids and detergents.
• Solid - it is very hard to scratch. Unlike ceramic, it is also shock resistant
• It won't yellow over time as the material is UV resistant
• Fire resistant - suitable for areas with higher fire safety requirements
• Eco-friendly - this is a ground-breaking recyclable material

Mixes 85% natural marble or granite crumbs with composite materials & coated with high-tech enamels.
• Provides for heat retention and durability
• Hypoallergenic surface
• Non-porous semi-glossy surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing
• Color will not fade or lose its brilliance over time
• 100% recyclable and fire-resistant

• 4mm and 5mm thick LUCITE(GB), a sanitary-grade acrylic
• Fiberglass (GRP) reinforcement layer
• ThermoMate™ Polyurethane Foam (PU) thermoinsulation layer
– for additional heat retention, sound insulation and mechanical resistance
• A solid steel frame construction with adjustable legs

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