Aquatica True Ofuro Japanese Style Bath

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Inspired by ancient Japanese traditions of soaking in Ofuro tubs, the True Ofuro Japanese style bathtub is a 'sit and soak', solid surface bathtub, featuring a deep design for a full-body immersion. Aquatica True Ofuro bathtub features wide rim, designed to ease the process of getting in and out of the bathtub. The wide and rounded rim allows for shorter, older and physically less fit people to sit or lean safely on the bath rim while getting in and out of the Ofuro bathtub. This Japanese style bath has a built-seat and ergonomically shaped backrest – designed for relaxing. Discretely integrated and concealed overflow channel further adds to this modern Ofuro bathtub's charm. Choose Soaking or Heated Bathtub.
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Oval Freestanding Bath, Shown in Black with Tray and Step
Oval Freestanding Bath, Shown in Black with Tray and StepSide View, Raised Backrest, Shown in Matte WhiteTop View, Tub with Seat, Shown in WhiteTrue Ofuro with White Interior, Black Exterior

True Ofuro Solid Surface Soaking Tub

Bathtub Size: 51.5" x 36.25" x 33.75"
Water Depth: 24.25"
Water Capacity: 87 Gallons
Product Weight: 287 Pounds (Heated Bath 309#)
Shipping Weight: 483 Pounds (Heated Bath 507#)
Solid Surface Composite | Matte Finish
Includes Tub Tray

Drain Not Included (see options)
Adjustable height legs
25-Year Limited Warranty
Country of Origin: Italy
Faucets pictured not included with tub

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True Ofuro Freestanding Tub

Aquatica True Ofuro Offers:
• Striking upscale design
• Freestanding construction
• Integrated slot overflow
• Solid, one-piece construction for safety and durability
• Ergonomic design forms to the body's shape for ultimate comfort
• Quick and easy installation
• Concealed overflow
• Galvanized steel frame with adjustable feet
• Quick and easy installation
• 25-Year Limited Warranty
• cUPC certified

Made for Seated Soaking
Integral Seat for Seated Soaking
There is nothing else quite like Aquatica's True Ofuro. This unique, modern take on the traditional Japanese-style bathtub is made for seated soaking. So the design incorporates a built-in seat and the depth of the tub has been extended to 24.25" to ensure full body immersion for even 6ft plus bathers. The interior ergonomics of this bathtub is all directed to providing effortless comfort and support.

AquateX™ (white bath)
AquateX™ is a technologically advanced solid surface composite material, developed by Aquatica®. 60% of AquateX™ is composed of the aluminum mineral that is derived from bauxite, a deeply weathered volcanic rock. By combining a high percentage of all the best properties of natural materials; and a low percentage of state-of-the-art acrylic resins; we were able to create a desirable, high performance cast stone material that is specifically, suitable for high-end bathroom applications.
NeroX™ (black bath)
NeroX™ is a blend of Hematite and Boehmite minerals with state-of-the-art acrylic modified resins and high-purity carbon black pigment. Using high-speed, vacuum assisted, dispersion and mixing Aquatica was able to create a visually stunning and highly desirable, high performance black solid surface material. It is an inert, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100% recyclable stone composite material that combines two opposites - a warm, silky soft exterior and a tough, durable interior. It has a strong resistance to sunlight, is dense/non-porous, hygienic, durable and is pleasant to touch due to its velvety texture.

Teak Shelf
Teak Tub Shelf
The Aquatica's True Ofuro Japanese style bathtub ships standard with a teak wood shelve – a beautiful and very useful solid teak wood accessory.

True Ofuro Tranquility Heated Bath Features
One of the most important things for those of us who like enjoying a hot bath, is the water temperature. As time passes, the water temperature in your bathtub drops and requires you to constantly be adding hot water to maintain the temperature, which in turn requires large capacity water boilers, wasting water and electricity. The Aquatica True Ofuro Japanese style bathtub with Tranquility bath heating system is fitted with a recirculation system (just like the traditional Japanese oidaki) and ozone disinfection system. Having a heated bathtub with efficient inline water heater means that you're not only saving energy and not wasting money, but you're able to be a little more environmentally friendly.
• Max Temperature: 104°
• 20-minute Safety Timer
• 110V/60Hz Standard
• 220V/60Hz Option (No Charge)
Added system power enables a more powerful heater, which means that the tub is able to heat the water substantially faster.

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Bluetooth Audio
Can be added with Tranquility system.
Aquatica’s Integrated Bluetooth Audio is a world-​class waterproof audio system, featuring powerful Class D amplifier technology.
List Price: $875.00

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True Ofuro Options
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Handcrafted Finish
Pearl Gold Ral Color
RAL Colors
For White Bath
#7021 Black grey, #7016 Anthracite grey, #8022 Black brown, #8019 Grey brown, #8017 Chocolate brown, #1021 Colza yellow, #1036 Pearl gold, #3009 Oxide red, #3011 Brown red, #5000 Violet blue, #5004 Black blue, #5010 Gentian blue, #5023 Distant blue, #6005 Moss green
7 Ral Colors
- Several coatings of paint followed special varnish
- Exterior Color | White Interior
List Price: $3000.00

MetalX™ Metallic Colors
For Black or White Bath
4 Metallic Colors
- Brass, Bronze, Gunmetal & Victorian Gold
- 95% recycled metal powder and 5% proprietary resin binder. Followed with clear protective lacquer.
- Exterior Color | Black Interior
List Price: $4950.00
True Ofuro is Offered in More Sizes:
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