End Drain Freestanding Bathtubs

Modern Oval Freestanding Bath with End Drain, Faucet Deck

Freestanding Tubs with Right or Left End Drain

We have sorted our floor mounted tubs with an end drain by size. End drain tubs are very desirable since they usually allow more length in the bottom of the bath. More room to stretch out and enjoy a luxurious soak or enjoy the massage of air bubbles. Other times they are necessary due to the floor drain location. These tubs are reversible, set them with the drain to the right or left.

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Most floor mounted tubs listed come with the possibility of a soaking or air system. The description will list all the possibilities.
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Small Freestanding End Drain Tub (43" - 58")
5' Freestanding End Drain Tub (58" - 63")
5 1/2' Freestanding End Drain Baths (65" - 68")
6' Freestanding End Drain Bathtubs (70" +)
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Freestanding Tub Systems:
- Soaking Tub: Tub only, no jets
- Heated Surface: Integrated Shell Heating System
- Air Bathtub: Vigorous skin massage. Warm air is blown into the bathtub.
- Whirlpool: Deep tissue massage, water jets. Freestanding whirlpool or heated soaking tubs.

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