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Alcove Tub & Shower

72" Long Tubs with Front Skirt & Tile Flange

These bathtubs are meant to be tucked into a 3 wall alcove. They come with an integral tile flange, so the walls can be tiled for a shower. Most have an integral front skirt others only have a flange, so a custom skirt can be created. The notes below will indicate if it is a tile flange only. See Alcove Tubs → for more information on skirts, flanges and other alcove features to consider.

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Bathtubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest

Most tubs listed come with the possibility of a variety of systems from tub only to whirlpool & air combination. The description will list all the possibilities.
72" x 32" - 72" x 34" Alcove
72" x 36" Alcove Bathtub
72" x 40" Alcove Tub
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