Micro Bubble Tub

Soak in warm soothing bath filled with billions of micro sized bubbles. These oxygen-rich micro bubbles clean, exfoliate and moisturize your skin.
Micro Bubble Jet

What is a Micro Bubble Bathtub?

A micro bubble tub uses a pump and a portal to infuse the bath water with millions of tiny bubbles. These bubbles super-saturate the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular bath water. The bubbles are small enough to enter the skin's pores, removing impurities and providing oxygen. The bubbles also lightly caress the skin exfoliating it. The result is skin that is soft, supple and smooth.

Micro Bubble Spa Experience

Even though a Micro Bubble tub doesn't provide a deep tissue massage like a whirlpool bath or a soft tissue massage like an air tub, it does provide a spa experience. As billions of microbubbles quietly pop around the bather the energy they release also keeps bath water and body warm. It promotes relaxation by stimulating your skin, which has been known to improve sleep and leave your body feeling warm long after exiting the bath. A quiet spa experience to relax the body and mind while rejuvenating your skin. Using a micro bubble system 20 minutes a day will help to make your skin look and feel younger, improve collagen production, and help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

How does a Micro Bubble Tub Work?

A motor is used to produce the micro bubbles. They are injected into the tub through a jet like portal. A cloud of bubbles fills the tub turning the water a milky white. Access is needed for any repairs to the bathtub's system. Repairs with the companies we carry are very rare. But, Murphy's Law suggests build access, and it won't be needed, don't and there will be trouble. Both MTI and Hydro Systems suggest an access of 16" x 14".
Shop Micro Bubble Bathtubs
Currently we have a few companies that offer the Micro Bubble experience for their alcove, drop-in and undermount tubs. You can go directly to their pages and shop by size. There are even a few freestanding tubs with the micro bubble option (scroll down the page). Bathtubs by Tub Style
When shopping through our tubs by size or style, you will see a list of the tub systems offered below the tub size and installation style. Look for Micro Bubble to find this system.
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We even have a few Freestanding Micro Bubble Tubs!

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