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Enjoy the perfect hydrotherapy spa tub in your home with a Hydro Massage Bathtub. "Hydromassage is a massage technique which uses water pressure and temperature to reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow, and reduce stress" (Wikipedia, 2023). With over 100 available designs & options, Hydro Massage Products offers a large selection of jetted bathtubs to sooth your body. Hydro Massage | Made in America Most of the Hydro Massage baths are offered with a choice of 6 hydrotherapy systems: soaking, heated soaking, whirlpool, micro bubble, air bath or combination bath. Choose the Revive micro bubble system for oxygen infused hydrotherapy. Let the powerful whirlpool water jets soothe your back, or the effervescent air bubble jets gently relax your entire body. Hydro Massage baths comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and options, so you are sure to find the bath of your dreams. You can even find freestanding bathtubs with water jets. Or a freestanding air bath with the motor housed inside the tub!

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Hydro Massage Therapy & Soaking Baths

• Soothing Soak | Heated Soaking Bath
Whisper Flo Heat Pump will gently circulate warm water to increase circulation, soothe tired muscles and joints, and enhance relaxation. This system will ensure that your bath is always hot and enjoyable. Lean your head back on the cushion pillow and escape in the simplicity of a soothing soak.
• Revive | Oxygen Infused Hydro Therapy
This revolutionary system increases oxygen levels in the water up to 60%. More oxygen helps with more energy, less stress, increased metabolism, increased circulation and a better ability to help your body maximize nutrient absorption.
• Whirlpool | Water Jets
Hydrotherapy rejuvenates. Relaxed and be at ease in a Hydro Massage whirlpool bath. Sink into bliss as powerful water jets soothe your tired body, whisking away the worries and cares of the day. Whirlpools are offered in three series: Silver, Gold & Platinum. Each of these series offer powerful jets, a trademark of Hydro Massage.
• Air Massage | Air Jets
The first time you feel the air bubbles hitting your tired, weary body, you'll get it. Air massage creates a full body massage that will erase fatigue, stress, aches and pains. Air tubs are known for cooling the bath water quickly. Hydro Massage offers many ways to keep your air bath warm: Warmed Backrest, Whisper Flo Heat Pump, Stay Hot Eco Bond Thermal Insulation and Cozy Heated Backrest.
• Combination Series | Water & Air Jets
The sensation of air and water working together to remove tension and stress from your body is a most wonderful experience. Powerful air jets target your stress zones, causing your worries to bubble away. Meanwhile, soothing water jets pulse over your body, erasing any memory of aches, pain or anxiety that you're feeling.

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