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Float away in a sea of effervescent bubbles as our Hydro Thermal Air Therapy soothes your mind and restores well-being to your body. The healing effects of air massage include increased circulation, reduced pain, toxin removal, increased endorphins, and stronger immune system. Maximize the benefits of one of the basic elements—air.
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Hydro Massage Air Jet Systems

Healthy Plumbing System Clean Water Fresh Air Bubbles
All of Hydro Massage air jets include check valves which help prevent bath water from back-flowing into the plumbing lines. This reduces the chance of bacteria & fungus growth. On an air channel bath without check valves the water will back-flow into the channel then it will drain out & be dried with the purge cycle potentially leaving a residue.
Hydro Massage uses non-toxic FDA Recipe Tubing on their Air Baths to help ensure the air going into the bath and your lungs is safer than an air bath that uses an air channel with styrene. Styrene is a volatile organic compound and a known carcinogen.
Fifteen minutes after the blower is stopped, and the bath is drained the blower will automatically start for two (2) minutes to purge and dry the air system channels or plumbing.

Tub Construction:
Adjustable Leveling Legs
- The leveling feet go from ΒΌ" to 2"
- Easy installation
Quality components
- EZ clean cast acrylic with heavy-duty fiberglass backing
- Quality blowers for a better massage

Air Jet Packages

Hydro Massage offers their air tubs in 2 - 3 packages. The air jets and included features changes in each package. The tub description will list the number and type of jets, plus the included features. Check the tub technical to see all information on a particular tub.

Air Jets: Air Blower:
Air Blower

Variable Speed Warm Air Pump is one of the best performing & quietest pumps available. Select multiple speeds, pulse & wave modes. Each pump sits on a Quiet Time Anti-Vibration Pump Pad. Code requires an access door available to access the motor. The access door must be large enough to enable the equipment to be removed from the bath. It is recommended to be a minimum of 18" x 18".
Air Features | Options:
These features are included in some packages, an option in others.
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