Hydro Massage Whirlpool Jet Tubs

40 Jets
Enjoy the age-old benefits of whirlpool hydrotherapy in your highly customized whirlpool tub of today. Feel the stress evaporate as you direct and adjust the warm water pressure on your sore muscles, creating a personal massage experience to target your needs. Whether temporarily relieving pain associated with over-activity or daily stress, or helping mitigate chronic effects of certain diseases such as arthritis or diabetes, you will feel better after a hydro massage bath. Choose a whirlpool system only or combine it with an air or micro bubble system. Create your own perfect spa tub.
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Hydro Massage Whirlpool Systems

Hydro Massage Ultra Clean Plumbing
Hydro Massage primarily uses an 'FDA NON-TOXIC' recipe tubing. Unlike flexible PVC or porous PVC pipe, their plumbing harness system provides one of the best drain down systems available. They accomplish this by arching their lines 3 to 5 inches above the jets. Their water jet design allows them to potentially prevent up to 40% less water retention in their plumbing.
Arched Plumbing
Tub Construction:
Adjustable Leveling Legs
- The leveling feet go from ΒΌ" to 2"
- Easy installation
Quality components
- EZ clean cast acrylic with heavy-duty fiberglass backing
- Quality Pumps for a better massage (Hydro Massage exclusive)

Whirlpool Jet Packages

Hydro Massage offers their whirlpools in 2 - 3 packages. The jets, motors and included features changes in each package. The tub description will list the number and type of jets, plus the included features. Check the tub technical to see all information on a particular tub.

Whirlpool Jets:
Flow adjustable jets: turning the jet face will reduce the pressure up to 95% off
Directional adjustable: push the jet nozzle in the desired direction
Whirlpool Motors:
High Output Whirlpool Motor

Hydro Massage increases motor power when adding more jets, so you are assured to have a strong whirlpool system. Each motor sits on a Quiet Time Anti-Vibration Pump Pad. A motor will make some noise depending on the installation technique and room environment. It can be reduced with installation around bath. Expect 15–20 decibels. Code requires an access door available to access the motor. The access door must be large enough to enable the equipment to be removed from the bath. It is recommended to be a minimum of 18" x 18".
Whirlpool Features | Options:
These features are included in some packages, an option in others.
Hydro Massage Products
Hydro Massage Promise: The craftsman that create each bath stand behind their work. Each tub is built to exacting standards and goes through a 30 point quality control checklist. All products are fully covered by their warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Back that with their Limited Lifetime warranty on the shell, surface, pumps and blower, you have a bathing experience that will last! All without leaving the comfort of your home.

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