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Freestanding Solid Surface Air & Soaking Bathtub

Julianna Modern Double Slipper Tub with Recessed Base
Modern Resin Tubs
Solid surface resin molds easily into an array of fabulous designer forms to create daring new soakers for today's modern baths. Barclay's superior blend of polyester/aluminum tri-hydrate produces durable, easy care tubs that are now available with either a silky matte or glossy finish. These sleek contemporary tubs pair perfectly with a freestanding tub filler. Indulge in the elegance of a soaking tub from Barclay.

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Modern Freestanding Oval Tub Black on the Outside, White Inside
Custom Colors!

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59" - 63" Resin Bathtub
64" - 69" Resin Freestanding
71" + Resin Freestanding
Barclay Tub Colors
Customize your new bathtub with a vibrant color from the palette of Sherwin Williams durable Protective Marine Paint. Barclay will custom paint the exterior of your cast iron or acrylic tub with the color of your choice.
Be bold or be subtle. Sherwin Williams offers an array of fabulous hues to personalize your bathroom decor. Awaken your creativity!

Extra Paint Charge (inside of tub is always white):
Bisque Paint $160
Black Paint $160
Flat Black Paint $160
Designer Color $302
View the Sherwin Williams Protective Marine Palette at:
Protectibe Marine Paint Pallet See more Barclay Custom Painted Tubs →
Barclay Resin Tub Care
Resin soaker tubs and sinks are cast in a joint-free mold using a polyester-aluminum trihydrate blend material that hardens to a solid surface. Resin's non-porous surface naturally resists stains, scratches and discoloring. Sometimes referred to as "man-made stone", its extremely durable. This versatile material also allows more freedom of design since it can be cast into countless shapes and forms.
Care and Maintenance
Clean water will remove most dirt from your resin tub. Use only mild cleansers that are safe for painted surfaces when necessary. Do not use abrasives, acids or ammonia. Wipe dry after each use to retain original beauty.
Small Scratch Repair:
If a minor scratch should occur, rinse any dirt from surface with clean water and rub in small circular motions
using #800 grit sandpaper until scratch disappears. Follow with #1200 sandpaper to smooth area. Dry with a soft towel and finish by polishing with automobile polish.

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