Barclay Clancey 66" Pedestal Bathtub

Pedestal Freestanding Roll Top Bath
The Clancey features an pedestal base, end drain and a traditional rolled rim. At 66" x 30" this soaking tub is long and narrow. Choose a bath with faucet holes drilled on the bathtub wall, or no faucet holes at all. This gives you the opportunity for freestanding or wall mounted faucets. Or keep the bath's foot print compact with tub mounted faucets. Find suggestions for faucets so you can find everything your need.
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Roll Top with Pedestal Base
Roll Top with Pedestal Base Top View, Faucet Holes in Tub

Clancey Cast Iron Freestanding Soaking Bath

Barclay CTRH66B

Faucet Holes

Barclay CTRNTD66B

No Faucet Holes

66 1/8" x 30" x 24 1/4"
Gallon Capacity: 42
Shipping Weight: 540#
Filled Weight: 711# | Empty Weight: 360#
Cast Iron, End Drain Bathtub
Inside Finish: White Enamel
Bathtub Exterior: White Epoxy
Cast Iron Pedestal Base
Recommended Tub Drain #5599

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Barclay Clancey CTRH66B | 3 3/8" Holes in Tub Wall
Tub Filler on Tub Wall
Holes in Tub Wall
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List Price: $3647.00
Sale Price: $2588.00

Recommended Faucets for CTRH60B:
Barclay Clancey CTRNTD66B | Tap Deck | No Faucet Hole
Faucet Deck, No Faucet Holes
No Holes in Tub Deck
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List Price: $3647.00
Sale Price: $2588.00

Recommended Faucets for CTRNTD60B:
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Caring for Your Barclay Cast Iron Bath
Our cast iron tubs are produced from solid quality cast iron billets to an average thickness of 3/8”. They are covered with a ground coat, followed by 3 layers of Class AA High Grade covercoat enamel. Each coat is fired at 900ºC, resulting in a luster that should remain unfaded for at least 10 years. Tub exteriors are finished with 2 coats of paint over a layer of anti-rust primer. You can expect 50 years of service from your cast iron tub with proper care. To maintain the luster of your cast iron tub, we recommend using a mild, non-abrasive
cleanser for regular cleaning. The porcelain interior should be towel dried after each use. Bon Ami® or Zud® are more powerful non-abrasive cleansers that may be used for tougher cleaning, such as soap scum, minor rust stains or hard water deposits. To prevent the accumulation of standing water under your tub base be sure to seal between the base and floor with a bead of silicone.

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