MTI Designer Series

The Designer Collection includes over 160 tubs: freestanding, drop-in, undermount and alcove models. Both single and two-person tubs. Personalize your bathing experience with a number of different hydrotherapies, as well as sensory therapies such as audio, thermal, aroma and chroma therapies, plus a vast assortment of other options and accessories.
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Designer Series Surfaces

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• Bathtub Colors
Colors shown are for reference purposes only. Exact matches are not possible.
MTI Standard Colors
White & Biscuit
Standard Colors White and Biscuit
• Armrests
Square Armrests
Custom molded armrests, available for most Andrea models. (See individual tub specification sheets for availability)
• Designed to integrate with minimalist Andrea styling.
• Increase bather comfort by supporting arms and relaxing shoulders and neck.
End drain has 1 pair of armrests, center drain model has 2 pair.
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• Tile Flange
MTI Installed Tile Flange
Available on most rectangular and corner tubs. MTI offers two tile flange options to simplify installation and ensure a watertight installation between the tub deck and the surrounding wall area:
• Tile Flange Kit
• Integral Tile Flange
NOTE: Integral Tile Flange is not available on all tubs. See specific tub's specification sheet for availability.
More Information on MTI Tile Flange →
• Tub Skirts | Acrylic Only
Traditional Skirt with Removable Panel
Skirts enclose the underside of the tub and provide a cost-effective, finished appearance.
IMPORTANT: When ordering an acrylic skirt, MTI also includes the Pre-Leveled Frame System. MTI will attach the skirt to the frame at the factory, thereby ensuring a proper fit.
More Information on the Frame System →

Acrylic Skirts
More Information - Acrylic Skirts →
• Low Profile Rim
Thin 1 Inch Rim
The optional ultra-slim tub rim (1" high) contributes to a minimalist, contemporary appearance. Not available for undermount applications or for an installation that requires a tile flange on any side of tub.
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• Pre-Leveled Frame & Foam Base Systems
Foam Base, Pre-leveled
Pre-Leveled Foam Base
This facilitates installation by eliminating the need for using a wet-bed compound to level the tub. Adds approximately 2"- 3" to the overall height of the tub. This foam also acts as a sound dampener and barrier. All MTI Whirlpools tubs are available with a factory-installed pre-leveled foam base.
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Wood Surround and Foam Base
Factory-installed Pre-leveled Frame System
The pre-leveled frame system eliminates the need to frame along the walls and use wet-bed compound to level the tub. All MTI Whirlpools rectangular and corner tubs are available with a factory-installed pre-leveled frame system. More Information →
• Textured Bottom (Acrylic Only)
Textured Bottom
Textured bottom meets ASTM F-462-1994 for slip resistance.
Not offered on the DoloMatte
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• Drains and Overflows
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• Comfort Pillows
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• Grab Bars
Enhance accessibility and safety within and around the bath with grab bars. Grab bars are available for most models of tubs and may be added to the flat side surfaces of the tub. White or Biscuit.
More Information → Curved Grab Bars
fd Grab Bar on White Bath
On center drain tubs, curved grab bars are placed on the front wall, positioned to the left and right of the overflow.

Top Mount Grab Bar
Available only for drop-in tubs with a flat rim. Standard location is in the middle of the tub, though the location can be specified on the order for certain models. Check with MTI regarding placement options.
• Stereo H2O
Audio Transducer
Whether the objective is therapy or simple listening enjoyment, MTI baths offer the possibility of an integrated audio system. Both the technology and the components are absolute state-of-the art. The “speakers” are actually high-performance acoustic transducers engineered with the most advanced level of technology and materials. The acoustic transducer system is applied to the bath shell’s exterior surface near the waterline and integrated in the tub structure. This effectively transforms the bath shell into a sounding board, which evenly distributes the sound within the entire tub environment, surrounding the bather with invigorating or relaxing sounds of choice. These acoustic transducers not only generate full spectrum sound, but also enhance this experience further by introducing bass frequencies into the water, bringing new life and richness never offered previously. In fact, Stereo H2O actually lets you feel the music through your body as it travels through the bath water.
Stereo H2O® | 4 transducers. Pre-wired leads compatible with stereo receiver/amplifier of choice, or a product such as those available from Sonos, Inc.
Stereo H2O® with Bluetooth | 2 transducers. Installed with ready-to-use Bluetooth amp and on/off button
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• LED Lighting
LED Lighting changes the water color
Underwater lighting is provided by 2 digitally controlled LEDs (unless otherwise specified). A control button allows selection of constant color or preset programs to achieve the desired lighting effects.

Different colors affect humans differently. Red energizes and activates blood flow, while yellow stimulates nerve functions and may aid the digestive process. Orange is a mix of red and yellow and carries greater therapeutic characteristics than both of these colors used separately, including the soothing of muscle and joint pain.
Green, as the intermediate color of the light spectrum, fosters harmony and has a calming, restorative effect on the mind and body. Blue, a cooler color, consists of light rays that are very fine, which allow them to penetrate deep within to promote mental and physical calmness. Purple is an extremely powerful color and has many virtues. Traditionally, purple is known for its power to inspire creativity as well as relieve irritability and reestablish a peaceful state.
• Electrical requirements: 1 amp, 110 VAC.
• Underwater lighting is provided by 2 digitally controlled LEDs.
• A control pad allows selection of these individual colors: Aqua, blue, magenta, red, orange, yellow or green.
• The relaxing Aqua-Blue-Green Cycle gently transitions through the 3 colors.
• Rainbow Cycle gently transitions from blue to magenta to red to orange to yellow to green to aqua.
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• Heater
These systems use electricity to maintain bath water heat, not to heat cold water. The thermostat for these systems is pre-set by the manufacturer to maintain bath water temperature at 104° F, so the bather can enjoy their bath longer.

HTISOAK | Recirculating Pump & Heater
Option on Soakers, Air Baths and Stream Bath
This system gently recirculates the bath water through the inline heater, with negligible disturbance to the water. The water is drawn in through an intake, like shown below, flows through the inline heater and is reintroduced into the bath through a second output that has the same appearance. This system uses a 1500-watt inline heater and a 1/2 hp recirculating pump. This system draws 17.5 amps; so a separate 20 amp, 110VAC circuit is required.
Suction Cover for Recirculating Pump & Heater
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HTI | Heater
Option on Whirlpools
The inline heating system for whirlpools is activated when the pump is turned on, maintaining the temperature of the bath water. No external switch is needed.
• Radiance Bath Surface Heating System (2 Zones)
Watrrming Pads for Seat & Backrest
Option on Air & Soaking Tubs (Not Available on Whirlpool Tubs)
Important Notes:

• Radiance placed on floor locations will affect placement of air jets
• Spa Mode is not available on tubs equipped tubs Radiance.

Radiance heat system is a bathing amenity that applies radiant heat technology to warm the interior surface of the tub. Radiance permeates the bath surface with heat, creating a supreme haven for relaxation. Not only does Radiance eliminate the shock of a cold tub for shoulders, neck, back or bottom, but you will continue to feel its soothing warmth throughout your bathing experience. You can experience warmth above the waterline, as well as below. Or, even without the water.
Radiance is controlled by a simple ON / OFF switch that also allows selection of area(s) to be heated. It utilizes electric heating grids to provide radiant heat for the bath surface. It operates on 28 volts and plugs into a 110-volt, 15 amp GFCI outlet. Since Radiance uses only about as much energy as a standard light bulb, leaving it on will ensure a warm bath shell whenever the user chooses to bathe.
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• Virtual Spout
Tub filler spout in the wall of the bath
Clean, unobtrusive filler spout that is factory-installed on the inside wall of the tub. The High-Flow Virtual Spout offers a very discreet alternative to the traditional filler spout. It is factory-installed on an inside wall of the tub and is "stubbed-out" under the tub with copper pipe so a plumber can tie the incoming water to the port. Hot & Cold mixing valves are need to control the water flow. Perfect for tub & shower applications! No more tub spout in the way.
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• Teak Tub Tray
Smooth Teak Tray
The smooth, durable teak combines beauty with practicality. Teak has the natural ability to ward off fungi, mold and mildew. The MTI teak tub tray is an ideal surface for holding a book or beverage or bath accessories. Available in two styles (slatted and smooth) for tubs up to 48" wide
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• Teak Bath Mat
Teak Bath Mat
Can be used outside the tub or shower to provide a slip-resistant surface when exiting. Slats are 1-1/2" wide x 1/2" thick and are permanently joined to 2" wide x 1" thick support frame with glue and countersunk marine-grade stainless steel screws. Can also be used in front of sink vanity as a functional accent piece. Coordinates beautifully with MTI’s teak shower tray and other teak bathroom accessories.
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Parisian 1 in Acrylic
Acrylic CXL
Freestanding, Drop-in & Undermount & Alcove Tubs
Designer tubs are thermoformed with a high-gloss continuous cross-linked cast acrylic, which is extremely scratch- and stain-resistant. The acrylic shell is reinforced with a thick layer of fiberglass/resin/titanium backing for added strength and increased insulation. The result is MTI's Acrylic CXL™
• Crosslinked cast Acrylic
• Thermoformed
• Reinforced with hand rolled fiberglass & titanium enhanced resin
• The surface is non-porous, durable and impact resistant.
• Resistant to stains, mold, and mildew
• It is easy to clean and maintain.
• Gloss Finish
Parisian 1 in DoloMatte
Freestanding, Drop-in & Undermount & Alcove Tubs | Matte White Only
DoloMatte™ is a cutting-edge true solid-surface material that is luxuriously beautiful, incredibly strong and velvety-soft to the touch. This innovative new material is available on most Designer Collection tubs and low-profile shower bases. With an exquisite matte finish and inviting tactile experience, DoloMatte opens exciting new doors of design possibility.

MTI’s DoloMatte begins as a thick, American-made solid-surface slab of specialty polymer blended with ground minerals that is consistent in color and property. After a unique preparation process, it is thermoformed with a mold and then enhanced through additional processes, including hand finishing. While immediately notable for its exquisite matte finish and oh-so-soft surface, the appeal of this new American-made material goes much deeper. The solid-surface is durable, impact/shock-resistant and extremely scratch- and stain- resistant. The non-porous white surface is easy to clean and is resistant to mold, mildew and UV damage.

• Solid surface slab of specialty polymer blended with ground minerals.
• Thermoformed
• Reinforced with hand rolled fiberglass & titanium enhanced resin
• The surface is non-porous, durable and impact resistant.
• Resistant to stains, mold, and mildew
• It is easy to clean and maintain.
Hudson Solid Surface Tub
Mineral Composite
Select Freestanding Bathtubs
MTI's Designer Collection includes freestanding tub models produced exclusively in mineral composite. These tubs are made of natural minerals mined locally in Georgia from a large natural granite and marble resource, bound together by a high-grade casting resin. Manufactured in white gloss only, they are available as soakers or with air bath.
• Bound together by a high-grade casting resin.
• The mixture is liquefied, poured and cured.
• High-performance high-gloss polyresin coating provides a smooth white finish.
• The tub is then hand-finished.
• Non-porous, shock-resistant surface is UV- and stain-resistant for durability and easy care.
• Integrated slotted overflow with toe-tap drain are color-matched to tub surface.
• Gloss Finish
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