MTI Bath Tub General Options

Explore the luxury options that MTI offers on their tubs. Use the Quick Links listed below to go directly to an option or scroll down the see all MTI general options.

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• Bathtub Colors
Colors shown are for reference purposes only. Exact matches are not possible
MTI Standard Colors
Standard Colors White, Bone, Almond and Biscuit

MTI Color Upgrades
Upgrade Color Choices
• Tile Flange
Tile Flange Kit- Click on Picture for More Information
For rectangular and corner baths. Tile flange is chemically bonded to the tub, which ensures a water-tight installation between the top tub surface and surrounding wall area. When adding a tile flange to a tub, please specify the side or sides on which the tile flange is to be installed.
More Information on MTI Tile Flange →
• Tub Skirts
Skirts enclose the underside of the tub and provide a cost-effective, finished appearance.
IMPORTANT: When ordering an acrylic skirt, MTI also includes the Pre-Leveled Frame System. MTI will attach the skirt to the frame at the factory, thereby ensuring a proper fit.
More Information on the Frame System →

Acrylic Skirts
More Information - Acrylic Skirts →
  • Raised Removable Panels for Access to Motor(s)
    Raised Panel Look / 2 Removable Panels
    Left and right panels are removable.
  • Two Raised Panels
    Raised Panel Look / One-Piece
    Panels are fixed and provide no access.
  • Modern Square Removable Panels
    Euro-Style / 2 Removable Panels
    Left and right panels are removable.
  • Fixed Flat Panel Skirt
    Flat Panel Contemporary / One-Piece
    Panel is fixed and provides no access.
• Low Profile Rim
Thin 1 Inch Rim
Low Profile Rim
Currently only available for drop-in Andrea tubs, the optional ultra-slim tub rim (9/16" high) contributes to a minimalist, contemporary appearance.
• Textured Bottom
Tectured Bottom
Textured bottom meets ASTM F-462-1994 for slip resistance.
• Pre-Leveled Frame & Foam Base Systems
Foam Base, Pre-leveled
Pre-Leveled Foam Base
This facilitates installation by eliminating the need for using a wet-bed compound to level the tub. Adds approximately 2"- 3" to the overall height of the tub. This foam also acts as a sound dampener and barrier. All MTI Whirlpools tubs are available with a factory-installed pre-leveled foam base.
More Information →
Wood Surround and Foam Base
Factory-installed Pre-leveled Frame System
The pre-leveled frame system eliminates the need to frame along the walls and use wet-bed compound to level the tub. All MTI Whirlpools rectangular and corner tubs are available with a factory-installed pre-leveled frame system. More Information →
• Drains and Overflows
  • Cable Drain, Shown in Chrome
    Turn the overflow to open or
    close the drain
  • Lift & Turn Drain - Reach to the bottom of the tub to operate
    Lift & Turn
    Lift & turn the drain to open.
    Turn & release to close
  • Toe-Tap Drain - Step on to Operate
    Push down on drain to open
    or close
    PVC or Solid Brass
  • Toe-Tap Drain - Step on to Operate
    Toe-Tap Rectangle
    Push down on drain to open
    or close
    PVC or Solid Brass
    (Offered on Select Baths)
  • Toe-Tap Drain - Step on to Operate
    Slim-Line Overflow
    & Toe Tap

    Toe-tap Drain with Linear
    PVC or Solid Brass
    (Offered on Select Baths)
• Comfort Pillows
More Information →
  • White Vinyl Pillow
    Soft Rectangle Pillow
    12" x 6.5" x 2"
    Soft vinyl provides neck support
    Suction Cup
    White or Black
  • Contoured Magnetic Pillow
    Contoured Magnetic Pillow
    10.625" x 6.75"
    Must be ordered with bath
    Black Only
  • Straight Magnetic Pillow
    Straight Magnetic Pillow
    13" x 13.75"
    Must be ordered with bath
    Black Only
  • Matt Pillow, Un-rolled
    Roll-Up Pillow
    10.25" x 15.75"
    Black or Aqua
    Support for head, neck & lumbar (rolled up)
• Grab Bars
Enhance accessibility and safety within and around the bath with straight or curved grab bars. Grab bars are available for most models of tubs and may be added to the flat side surfaces of the tub. MTI will install the grab bars in the best possible location unless otherwise specified by the customer.
  • White Curved Handle on White Bath
    Acrylic Curved Handle
    9" - Set of 2
  • fd Grab Bar on White Bath
    Metal Curved Handle
    9" - Set of 2
• Stereo H2O
Audio Transducer
Stereo H2O® is an invisible audio system that delivers full-bodied sound through the tub. Harnessing the healing power of music, Stereo H2O uses audio therapy to provide the ultimate escape, enhancing your customized bathing experience. More Information →
• LED Lighting
LED Lighting changes the water color
Underwater lighting is provided by 2 digitally controlled LEDs (unless otherwise specified). A control button allows selection of constant color or preset programs to achieve the desired lighting effects
• Electrical requirements: 1 amp, 110 VAC.
• Microbubbles
Radiance Control
Option on Air & Soaking Tubs
(Not Available on Whirlpool, Stream Bathtubs or the HTISOAK System)

For health and beauty. Microbubbles innovative technology super-saturates the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water alone. Billions of tiny oxygen-rich microbubbles gently remove impurities from skin and pores, leaving the body cleansed and gently exfoliated. The result is skin that is hydrated, moisturized and restored, feeling soft, smooth and supple. As billions of microbubbles quietly pop around you, the energy they release also keeps bath water warm. Click on the picture below to see the video:
Micro Bubble Video
• HTISOAK | Recirculating Pump & Heater
Suction Cover for Recirculating Pump & Heater
Option on Soakers, Air Baths and Stream Bath
The inline heating system for soaking tubs and air baths is manually activated by an On / Off switch. This system gently recirculates the bath water through the inline heater, with negligible disturbance to the water. The water is drawn in through an intake such as the one shown above, flows through the inline heater and is reintroduced into the bath through an output that has the same appearance. This system uses a 1500-watt inline heater and a 1/2 hp recirculating pump. This system draws 17.5 amps; so a separate 20 amp, 110VAC circuit is required.
More Information →
• Radiance Bath Surface Heating System
  • Radiance Control
  • Raidance Control with Air System
Option on Air & Soaking Tubs (Not Available on Whirlpool Tubs)
Radiance is a bathing innovation from MTI that applies radiant heat technology to tubs. It warms the interior surface of the bath for neck, shoulders, back and bottom. It provides an even distribution of warmth to eliminate the shock of a cold tub and increases relaxation during the bath. Radiance will also help keep the bath water from losing its warmth as quickly. You can experience warmth above the waterline, as well as below. Or, even without the water. Note Spa Mode is not available on tubs equipped tubs Radiance.
More Information →
• Virtual Spout
Tub filler spout in the wall of the bath
Clean, unobtrusive filler spout that is factory-installed on the inside wall of the tub. The High-Flow Virtual Spout offers a very discreet alternative to the traditional filler spout. It is factory-installed on an inside wall of the tub and is “stubbed-out” under the tub with copper pipe so a plumber can tie the incoming water to the port. Hot & Cold mixing valves are need to control the water flow.
More Information →
• Removable Teak Seat
Teak Seat Sits on the Armrests to Create a Seat
Removable teak seat for Andrea Series tubs with optional armrests. And the Madelyn tub that comes standard with armrests. See the technical sheet for each bath for more information. The seat provides a convenient resting place when bathing or hand showering. The Andrea tubs can be specified with armrests at the time of tub ordering and the Madelyn comes with armrests as standard. Since the armrests are flat, they provide an ideal resting place for the teak sub seat, which is held in place using a suction cup that extends from the bottom of the seat and secures to the tub floor. The teak slats are 1-3/8" wide x ½" thick and are permanently joined to the ¾" x ¾" support boards with glue and countersunk marine-grade stainless steel screws.
More Information →
• Teak Tub Tray
The MTI teak tub tray is an ideal surface for holding a book or beverage or bath accessories. Available in two styles (slatted and smooth) for tubs up to 48" wide
More Information →
  • Smooth Teak Tray
    Smooth Teak Tray
  • Slotted Teak Tray
    Slotted Teak Tray
• Teak Bath Mat
Teak Bath Mat
MTI's genuine teak bath mat combines beauty with practicality. Can be used outside the tub or shower to provide a slip-resistant surface when exiting. Slats are 1-1/2" wide x 1/2" thick and are permanently joined to 2" wide x 1" thick support frame with glue and countersunk marine-grade stainless steel screws. Can also be used in front of sink vanity as a functional accent piece. Coordinates beautifully with MTI’s teak shower tray and other teak bathroom accessories.
More Information →
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