MTI 5½' (66") Alcove, Drop-in or Undermount Tubs

Rectangle Drop-in Tub with Low Profile Rim
Search MTI 5 ½' alcove, drop-in or undermount tubs. Find the perfect MTI 65" - 69" bath. Choose a soaking or therapy tub.
A recognized leader when it comes to the technology of modern hydrotherapy, MTI offers five distinct types of hydrotherapy experience. Each is unique, and thoroughly therapeutic. Whether you prefer the simple luxury of a soaking bath, the gentle experience of bathing in a forest stream, the invigorating deep-tissue massage of a whirlpool, the light full-body thermo-air massage or a combination of systems. We are also here to help you find the MTI bathtub of your dreams! 866-380-0303

5 1/2' MTI Soaking or Therapy Tubs (65" - 69")

Tubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest
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