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The MTI MBCR6632 is a 66" x 36" drop-in or undermount rectangular tub with a textured bottom and a contemporary design. Back slant starts at 121° and drops to 106° near the bottom of the bath, giving lower back support and comfortable lounging. Add tile flange and skirting option for alcove installation. Choose a soaking tub or enjoy the power of a deep, penetrating massage with the whirlpool. Relax in a therapeutic air bath. Enjoy the luxury of a bath that stays warm! A maintenance heater is available to maintain the water temperature on soaking, whirlpool and air tubs!
MTI Basics Bathtubs: Affordable quality & made in the USA
Modern Rectangle Tub with End Drain
Modern Rectangle Tub with End Drain Slanted Backrest for Lumbar Support
Tub Size: 66" x 36" x 21"
Water Depth: 16.25"
Maximum Fill: 82 gal to overflow
Installation: Drop-in (DI) or Undermount (UM)

Soaker Weight: 92 lbs
Plumbed Weight: 123 lbs
Tub Colors: White
Bottom Interior: 48" x 23"
Back Rest Angle: 106/121°
Drain Type: End
Material: Acrylic

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MBSCSR6636 Radisson 6636 Soaking & Heated Soaker Tub

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MBWCSR6636 Radisson 6636 Whirlpool

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MBACSR6636 Radisson 6636 Air Bath

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Radisson 6636 Options
Biscuit Color Upgrade
Basics Sale Price:
$50.00 Soaking or Air Bath
$76.00 Whirlpool

Lift & Turn Drain Kit
Basics Sale Price:
$150.00 Chrome (MBWOC)
$260.00 Brushed Nickel (MBWOBN)
$220.00 White (MBWOW)

Tile Flange
Basics Sale Price:
$150.00 1 side (MBTFK)
$160.00 2 sides (MBTFK2)
$180.00 3 sides (MBTFK3)

Pre-Leveled Foam Base
Basics Sale Price:
$300.00 (MBPLFOAM2)

Pre-Leveled Frame & Foam Base
Basics Sale Price:
$640.00 MBPLF

Pre-Leveled Frame, Foam Base & Skirting
Basics Sale Price:
$970.00 Acrylic Raised Panel-Look with Fixed Panels (MBFSKAO55)
$1050.00 Acrylic Raised Panel-Look with Removable Panels (MBFSKAR55)

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Are ideal for situations when needs are more simple, the budget is thin or the delivery needs to be quick. This selection includes a variety of tubs in the most popular shapes and sizes, and at a very affordable price. Available as soakers, air baths and whirlpools, MTI BASICS tubs are handcrafted, water-tested and quality-inspected. These tubs are the perfect choice for secondary baths and simple replacement remodeling projects. In fact, any situation in which you want to skimp on cost, but not on quality. MTI's goal is to provide customers with handcrafted, quality products that will last.

MTI Baths
Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customizations for its expansive line of bath products. MTI offers fine products in acrylic, engineered solid stone and wood, all manufactured with care in the USA.

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