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Basics Oval Freestanding Bathtub
Today more than ever people are looking for value: the right combination of price, quality and convenience. MTI has responded to customer needs by developing MTI BASICS®. Manufactured in high-quality cross-linked cast acrylic, these bathtubs are attractive, scratch- and stain-resistant and easy to clean.
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MTI BASICS: Affordable quality & made in the USA

MTI BASICS tubs are ideal for situations when needs are more simple, the budget is thin or the delivery needs to be quick. This selection includes a variety of tubs in the most popular shapes and sizes, and at a very affordable price. Available as soakers, air baths and whirlpools, MTI BASICS tubs are handcrafted, water-tested and quality-inspected. These tubs are the perfect choice for secondary baths and simple replacement remodeling projects. In fact, any situation in which you want to skimp on cost, but not on quality. MTI's goal is to provide customers with handcrafted, quality products that will last.

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MTI Basics Bathtubs

• Constructed in durable Lucite® cross-linked cast acrylic, with a multi-layered backing of fiberglass / resin / titanium. Lucite is extremely scratch- and stain-resistant, yet renewable because the color goes all the way through the material. The surface is non-porous, which makes cleaning and sanitizing easier.
• Rectangular and corner tubs also receive reinforcement of ½" round metal tubing in all sides.
• Standard in white or available in biscuit for an up charge.
• Integrated front skirt and tile flange for alcove installation comes standard on several tub models, and most drop-in tub models may be transformed to accommodate alcove installation when specified with factory-installed installation aids at the time of order.
• Textured bottom is standard on all drop-in tub models and compliant with ASTM C 1025-07 coefficient of friction test.
Basics Rectangle Drop-in Tubs
Basics Oval Drop-in Tubs
Basics Alcove Tubs
Alcove Tubs with Skirtand Tile Flange
Integral Skirt & Tile Flange
Corner Tubs
Freestanding Soaking Tub
MTI Basics Series Tub Systems
• Soaking Tub
• Ergonomically designed interiors for comfort.
• Many models include armrests and increased degree of slope on the backrest for a more reclined and relaxing soak.
• High-density material and superior construction keep water warm longer.
• Flexible design styles in various sizes to accommodate many installation types.
• Optional heating system to maintain the temperature of the water for extended soaking therapy.
(not available on freestanding tub models)
• Whirlpools
Enjoy the power of a deep, penetrating massage. This type of hydrotherapy comes from strategically placed jets that may be targeted to specific areas of the body.
Whirlpool Jet
• Directionally-adjustable point-massage jets can be targeted to specific areas of the body.
• Whisper-quiet pump allows for relaxation.
• Silent low-profile air volume control gives bather control of whirlpool hydrotherapy experience, from a gentle and relaxing sensation to a deeper hydrotherapy massage.
• Optional integrated heating system to maintain the temperature of the water for extended therapy.
• Rigid PVC piping smartly plumbed to help keep the whirlpool plumbing harness clean, promoting sanitization.
• Air Baths
The blissful combination of water, heat and air movement creates an incomparable effect that is as therapeutic as it is relaxing. The movement of millions of tiny air bubbles activates the lymphatic systems, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins and relieves sore muscles and other painful ailments.
Basics Air Jet Caps
• 12 low-profile air jets are installed on the tub floor with color-matching air caps.
• Check valves in jets prevent water from entering air lines for the cleanest air bath experience.
• A 3/4 bhp heated blower with automatic purge system activates 20-minutes after use.
• Pre-leveled foam base for easy installation.
• Multiple built-in anti-return check valves for hygienic operation.
• Optional heating system to maintain the temperature of the water for extended therapy.

Basics Series Options
Lift & Turn Drain

Lift & Turn Drain - Reach to the bottom of the tub to operate
Lift & turn the drain to open. Turn & release to close

Tile Flange
Tile Flange
The Factory Installed Tile Flange is ABS tile flange chemically bonded to the tub at the factory. This not only facilitates installation but also provides a watertight seal on any sides specified. Available on rectangular and corner tubs.

Pre-Leveled Foam Base
Foam Base, Pre-leveled
Available on all MTI tubs models. This supporting option eliminates the need for bedding compound. Leveled and supported on the bottom with high-density closed cell foam*. This foam also acts as a sound dampener and barrier. Overall height of tub will be increased by 2”-3”. All Tubs ordered with an air bath or frame system include the factory-installed pre-leveled foam base as standard. Freestanding tubs include an internal pre-leveled foam base.

Pre-Leveled Frame & Foam Base
Wood Frame - Shown with Skirt Option
Available on all MTI rectangular and corner tubs models. This factory-installed pre-leveled support system eliminate the need to frame along the walls or level the tub with bedding compound. Please indicate the drain location when ordering.
- Constructed of FSC-Certified poplar hardwood.
- Permanently secured under the tub flange.
- Pre-installed at the MTI factory.
- Leveled and supported on the bottom with a high-density closed cell foam. This foam also acts as a sound dampener and barrier.
- Front is recessed 3⁄4" for skirts.
- Overall height of tub will be increased by 2"-3".

Pre-Leveled Frame, Foam Base & Skirting
Wood Frame - Shown with Skirt Option
Acrylic skirts add a finished appearance to MTI's "Pre-Leveled Frame and Foam Base" system*. All factory installed optional skirting includes a Pre-leveled Frame & Foam Base system.

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