Hydro Systems Freestanding Baths

Find a large selection of freestanding tubs from the small Soho at 48" x 30" to the largest, Nina 72" x 44". These beautiful tubs are created from acrylic or HydroLuxe SS solid-surface. All these baths are offered as a soaking tub, some with the option of Thermal Air like the Metro Liberty pictured below.
Freestanding Bathtub with Raised Backrest

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The tubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest.
Hydro Systems 5' Freestanding Bath Tubs
Hydro Systems 5 ½' Freestanding Baths
Hydro Systems 6' Freestanding Tubs

Hydro Systems Freestanding Tub Options

Colors & Finishes
Standard Colors: White, Biscuit & Bone
Standard & Premium Colors
Premium Colors: Black, Ice Gray or Sandbar
Freestanding (MSRP $1296.00)
Two Tone Gloss Finish | Freestanding Bath (MSRP $2279.00)

Matte Finish
Acrylic tubs are sanded with ultra fine sandpaper to remove the acrylic sheen.
Freestanding (MSRP $2521.00)
Extra High Density
By adding a supplemental 1/4-inch of fiberglass insulation to your acrylic or gelcoat bathtub, this extra insulation will help keep your water warm longer, in addition to providing a stronger bathtub structure. This means less instances of having to refill your bath with fresh hot water during those long soaks, and also saves you on energy costs in the long run.
HI.DEN (MSRP $705.00)
Chromotherapy LED Lighting
LED Chromotherapy Lighting
Chromotherapy is the usage of light and color to alter our mental and physical states. Scientific research reveals that color can greatly influence the condition of our emotions and health, as well as causing positive reactions in our minds and bodies. Whether you want a mood-enhancing atmosphere, a romantic setting or a special bathroom effect, Hydro Systems' high-intensity LED lighting environment creates a unique bathing ambiance. Built into your bathtub, this digitally controlled, multicolored lighting feature puts the full-sensory experience in your hands. Two interior light lenses are located below the water line. Focus on one specific color for the desired effect, or traverse the spectrum of designer color modes.
LED Bath Light Chromotherapy System | LIG.LED ($704.00 MSRP)
Grab Bars
A set of our optional grab bars enhance the styling and add functionality to any Hydro Systems bathtub. Add them to assist with getting out of your bathtub. Available on most tubs and come in two distinct styles and your choice of finish.

Curving Grab Bar
• Standard Grab Bars
Designed to be mounted on most flat or curved surfaces.
(List Price | Pair)
Polished Chrome (PC) or Polished Brass (PB)
Antique Brass (AB), Brushed Brass (BB), Satin Brass (SB), Brushed Chrome (BC), Polished Nickel (PN), Satin Nickel (SN), Brushed Nickel (BN)
Polished Gold (PG), Brushed Gold (BG), Satin Gold (SG), Matte Black

Universal Linear Grab Bar
• Universal Grab Bars

Universal mount grab bar. For those bathtubs that can't accommodate the classic grab bar.
(List Price | Pair)
Polished Chrome (PC) or Polished Brass (PB)
Antique Brass (AB), Brushed Brass (BB), Satin Brass (SB), Brushed Chrome (BC), Polished Nickel (PN), Satin Nickel (SN), Brushed Nickel (BN)
Polished Gold (PG), Brushed Gold (BG), Satin Gold (SG)
Hydro Blanket
Hydro Blanket Locations for End & Center Drain Tub
Close your eyes, lean back and feel the warmth of the Hydro Blanket that emanates through the acrylic tub surface. By integrating radiant heat panels into the structure of your bathtub the result is a seamless improvement in your overall bathing experience. Hydro Blanket wraps you in a world of warmth and relaxation. Multi-zone heat allows you to pick from 2 to 5 heat zones on the sides or bottom of the bath. Turn on the thermostat and set the dial to a maximum setting of 110°. Does not heat bathing water.
2 Zones ($1554.00)
3 Zones ($1945.00)
4 Zones ($2171.00)
5 Zones (with 2 controls) ($2453.00)
Linear Drain
Linear Overflow, Toe Tap Drain
Linear overflow option that not only gives your bathtub a sleek and stylish look, but also adds an inch more to your tub's depth.
- Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 3/4" with a 1/4" opening.
Linear Integral W/O | LWO-XXX
- White, Biscuit, Matte Black
- Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Pewter
- Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Brushed Brass
- Oil Rubbed Bronze

- Polished Gold, Brushed Gold ($855.00)

Island Drain
Freestanding Tub Drain Rough
Install a freestanding bath tub in minutes. Now featuring a snap-off Test Cap and an Asymmetrical Deck Plate designed not to interfere with a freestanding faucet rough-in! No muss. No fuss. Easy to install.
Freestanding Tub Drain Rough
ABS | ITD.ABS ($363.00)
PVC | ITD.PVC ($363.00)
Cast Iron | ITD.CST ($441.00)
IR Remote Control for Thermal Air System
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