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Find a large selection of bath faucets in multiple styles to be mounted on the tub, on the deck that surrounds the bath, on the wall or floor mounted. You can use the following pictures to go directly to the desired style or scroll down for definitions of each style.

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Roman Tub Filler | Deck Mount
When mounted on the bath or surrounding deck, these faucets are referred to as Roman Tub Filler. Many have the option of a hand shower which is great for washing hair or rinsing the bath. We sorted this style by the number of faucet pieces:
One Piece has a handle attached to the spout to control water volume and temperature.
Two Piece either adds a hand shower or the control is the second piece.
Three Piece is the traditional Roman Faucet: hot & cold handle plus the spout.
Four Piece adds the hand shower with the diverter on the spout.
Five Piece also adds the hand shower but the diverter is a separate handle.
Bridge fillers offer a unique style, whether modern or traditional, and require two holes.

Wall Mount Tub Faucet
Traditionally used for tub & shower combination, they can also be paired with freestanding baths.

Floor Mount Tub Filler
Paired with a freestanding bath, this faucet will have either a single column or two risers that hold the spout and handle(s).

Claw Foot Tub Faucet
Traditional styling, these faucets are meant to attach to the inside tub wall or tub deck of a cast iron clawfoot bath.

Features of the Perfect Bath Tub Faucet
The technical sheet for each faucet will give important information like flow rate, spout reach & facet height.

Flow Rate
If a faucet fills at 6 gpm (gallons per minute) and your bath holds 120 gallons - expect 20 minutes of fill time. Change it to 15 gpm and the fill time is cut to 8 minutes.

Spout Reach
Make sure the length of the spout is sufficient enough to clear the rim but not too long to be in the way of a bather.

Spout Height
Spout height is important for floor mount and roman faucets. Make sure it is tall enough to clear the rim.
Bridge Roman Bath Faucet Set - Deck Mount Tub Faucet
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2 Piece Deck Mount Faucet - Roman Tub Faucet
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3 Piece Deck Mount by Spout Length
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Check Technical Sheets for exact spout measurements. Some companies measure spout length, others spout center to center.

4" - 6" Tub Spout Reach 7" Tub Spout Reach
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