WaterTech 7236 EOW Bathtub

7236 EOW Whirlpool | A7236 EOW Air | C7236 EOW Combination

Oval (egg shaped) Tub with End Drain
7236 EOW is a luxurious, one person bathtub with oval design. Designing the tub with a narrow rolled deck circumference, has allowed the interior width of the bathing area to be greatly expanded. The extended leg room is unmatched in any other oval 72x36 whirlpool. For those wanting even a deeper water depth, the bathtub can be ordered with an optional press-flow drain/overflow assembly that increase water depth an additional 3".

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Egg Shape Oval Bath, End Drain, Whirlpool ShownAir Jets on Tub Bottom and Back RestAir and Whirlpool Jet Combo
Tub Size: 72 1/4" x 36" x 24"
Bathtub Material: Acrylic
Standard WaterTech Colors: White, Biscuit & Bone
Bathing Area: 52" x 26 1/4"
Water Depth: 19 1/2"
Shipping Weight: 150 - 165 lbs
Air & Combination Tubs - add 1" to bathtub height
Tubs are pictured with Optional Metallic Trim to showcase the jets
***NOTE: Deep Soak Drain not offered on this bath
Limited Lifetime Warranty
WaterTech | Made in America

7236 EOW, A7236 EOW & C7236 EOW

Whirlpool, Air & Combination Bathtub
Watertech is know for their system tubs. With this bath, 4 back jets provide relief. Side and foot jets massage the rest of your body. Rigid PVC waterlines are U.L. certified for 100% drainage, insuring a clean and sanitary massage experience with every bath. They take their air system tubs seriously too, using an injector system to make sure your bath stays clean. For the ultimate tub combine water and air jets. You can also customize your tub with an large selection of options.
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  • Whirlpool
    7236 EOW
    Water Jets

    10 Jet Whirlpool

    List Price: $2220.00
    Sale Price: $1554.00

    10 Water Jets
    Pulsating Jet
    3 Speed Jet Control
    7 amp Pump
    (120 Gallons @ minute)

    Whirlpool Features & Options
  • Air Bath
    A7236 EOW
    Air Jets

    Air Bath Shown with Air System in Brushed Nickel

    List Price: $3220.00
    Sale Price: $2093.00

    189 air ports from 27 injectors
    1 HP Variable Speed Pump
    800 Watt Heated Blower
    Purge Cycle
    Watertight check valves

    Air Features & Options
  • Air Bath with Heater
    A7236 EOW + Heater
    Air Jets
    Recirculating Pump & Heater
    Air Bath Shown with Air System in Brushed Nickel

    List Price: $3838.00
    Sale Price: $2495.00

    Same Air Features Plus:
    Recirculating Pump & In-line Heater (Maintains Water Temperature of the Air Bath)
    2 20amp GFCI dedicated circuits
  • Combination Tub
    C7236 EOW
    Water and Air Jets

    Whirlpool & Air Jet Bathtub

    List Price: $4820.00
    Sale Price: $3133.00

    10 Hydrotherapy Spa Jets
    7 amp Pump | 3 Speed
    147 air ports from 21 injectors
    1 HP Variable Speed Pump
    800 Watt Heated Blower
    Drain & Overflow

    Combo Features & Options
WaterTech Bathtubs
WaterTech manufactures the highest quality bathtubs in the USA. They use supreme components and unmatched craftsmanship from start to finish. WaterTech bathtubs are constructed with a galvanized steel base to insure the floor of the bath will never flex or warp. There is a Lifetime warranty on the pump, blower and the acrylic bathtub shell.

Watertech introduced its first whirlpool baths over two decades ago with the mission of providing the ultimate hydrotherapy experience through innovation and ingenuity. They are dedicated to serving you with reliability and integrity. If you are remodeling a bathroom, adding a bath to your existing home, or building a new residence, a Watertech bath will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home.
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