WaterTech Air Bathtub

Drawing of Air Tub System & Air Injectors

WaterTech Quality Air Tub Features

• Air injectors with integral watertight check valves which insures a clean, sanitary system.
• Heated 1 h.p. variable speed blower has a lifetime warranty.
• Acrylic bath tub shell has a lifetime warranty
• Steel reinforced tub floor and a steel blower mounting platform. (will not bend or warp like plastic and wood bases)
• All models compliant with UL and National Plumbing and Electrical Codes

WaterTech Air Jets

Air baths provide a different type of massage than a whirlpool bath; it's a non-aggressive soft tissue massage. The soft massage of an air bath is provided by millions of heated air bubbles that contact the skin after they are released from air injectors, air that is provided by a heated air blower. An air message soothes the body, boosts cardiac output, opens pores and improves circulation.
Whirlpool or Air? See this WaterTech Video to see the difference.

WaterTech Air System Features
• Air Injectors
WaterTech uses only air injectors with built-in brass check valve protection. The check valve opens and closes when the blower is switched on or off preventing water from ever entering into the air system (pipes, blower, manifold, etc). Injectors can be serviced from inside the tub.
See Video Air Channel vs Injector Air Jets→

Air System Injectors Shown in Chrome
The slim-line Injector covers provide 7 air ports per injector.

• Air Blower
Air Blower
Each WaterTech air bath is equipped with a 1 HP, 800 watt variable speed heated blower and electronic keypad. Blower and keypad carry Lifetime Warranties.
- One minute purge cycle that activates 20 minutes after blower is turned off.
- Variable speed
- Air heater
- Integrated muffler for quiet operation
- Blower requires a dedicated 20 amp GFCI circuit
- Electronic Controls

• Air Piping
Air Piping
To insure the highest level of hygiene, only high quality FDA approved food grade piping is used to supply air to WaterTech air injectors. Water never enters the air lines because WaterTech uses only air injectors with integrated check valve protection. Service on WaterTech air lines, if ever needed, is as simple as removing the air lines from the injector. Injectors are also easily serviced by removing the injector cap.

• Air Manifold
Air Manifold
An air manifold is installed on each WaterTech air bath to distribute air to the injectors. The manifold has 2 additional check valves incorporated into its design to insure water never reaches the blower should an injector fail. The manifold provides equal air pressure and volume to all injectors.

WaterTech Air Tub Options

• Custom Blower Location
Move the Whirlpool Pump
Place the blower where you want it. All building codes require access to the blower for electrical hook up and servicing. May require additional space.

• Injector Finishes
Air Jet Finishes
Standard Injector Finishes: White, Biscuit & Bone
Optional Finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel & Oil Rubbed Bronze

WaterTech Bathtub Options

Standard (No Charge Colors): White, Biscuit & Bone

Color Upgrades
Designer Colors: Linen, Almond, Mexican Sand, Cashmere, Sandbar, Ice Gray, Sterling Silver, Red & Black
Marble & Granite Colors
More Information →

Skirt & Flange
• Tile Flange
Tile Flange in Aluminum
Field Installed
An aluminum extrusion that is installed on the job. Used when tub is also to serve as a shower, can't be used on oval or irregular shaped tubs.

• Front Skirt Acrylic • Front Skirt Oak or Maple
Oak Front Skirt
Removable oak or maple skirts are slightly over-sized and trim-able to fit your job requirements. Skirts are unfinished and can be stained or painted to match bathroom cabinet or trim. Skirts are not factory installed. More Information →

• Deep Soak Overflow Drain
Turn Overflow to Close
The difference between a standard drain and the Deep Soak Drain is that the Deep Soak overflow cover can be rotated to close the overflow if desired. Closing overflow increases the bath water depth from 2" to 5" depending on bath selected.
Caution- The Deep Soak Drain should not be closed until the bather is in the tub and the pump operating to insure that the water level will not overflow the tub. When draining the bath after use it is important to open the Pressflow drain so that the next time the bath is filled it can't overflow accidentally.

• Lift & Turn Drain
Knob on Drain - tub bottom - lift and turn
Available in chrome, nickel, polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze. Note: PVC drain is 1 1/2" and fits all tubs.

• Cable Drain
Turn Overflow to Open Drain
The cable drain allows the bather to open and close the drain with a twist of the overflow cover. Eliminates having to reach into the water to drain the tub. Available in chrome, nickel, polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze. Note: PVC drain is 1 1/2" and fits all tubs.

• Linear Drain
Long, Thin Overflow, Toe Tap Drain
This drain features a modern linear overflow. Drain at the bottom of the tub is a toe-tap. Step on it to open or close.

• Micro Mount
The micro mount feature not only gives your bathtub a whole new look, but it also provides you easier access upon existing your tub as the deck sits more flush with your surroundings. The Micro Lip option will reduce the height of the tub lip to roughly 3/4" tall. Not available on all tubs.

• LED Light
Under Water LED  Lighting
By simply pressing a button the bather may transition through 8 colors while the last selection will automatically transition through all 8 colors.

• Pillows
Tub Pillows
Come standard on several models, but are available for all models. Easily removed for cleaning and are available in black & white.

• Acrylic Grab Bars
Curving Grab Bars
Field Installed
Acrylic white, biscuit, or bone. Grab handles are not factory installed but are easily installed on the job site by contractor or plumber.

• Ozonator
Ozone Generator
The ultimate water purification system that automatically neutralizes any bacteria, virus or odor in the water. All Watertech baths are U.L. certified for 100% drainage. This certifies that the water lines on Watertech baths drain 100% insuring that no used bath water remains or is trapped in any of the waterlines. The additional advantage of having an ozonator installed is that the ozone pumped through the system also effectively sanitizes the internal components of pipes, pump, jets, injectors, etc. More Information →
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