WaterTech Air Bathtub

Drawing of Air Tub System & Air Injectors
WaterTech Clean Air Tub System

WaterTech's clean air system has air injectors with integral watertight check valves. Valves open and close when blower is turned on or off. Water never enters any part of the air system.

WaterTech Air Jet Features

• Air injectors with integral watertight check valves which ensures a clean, sanitary system.
• Each injector has 7 air-ports.
• Heated 1 h.p. variable speed blower has a lifetime warranty.
• Injectors can be serviced from inside the tub.
• Acrylic bath tub shell has a lifetime warranty
• Steel reinforced tub floor and a steel blower mounting platform. (will not bend or warp like plastic and wood bases)
• All models compliant with UL and National Plumbing and Electrical Codes

Air Jet Components:

• Air Injectors
WaterTech uses only air injectors with built-in brass check valve protection. The check valve opens and closes when the blower is switched on or off preventing water from ever entering into the air system (pipes, blower, manifold, etc.). Injectors can be serviced from inside the tub.
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Air System Injectors Shown in Chrome
The slim-line Injector covers provide 7 air-ports per injector.

• Air Blower
Air Blower
Each WaterTech air bath is equipped with a 1 HP, 800 watt variable speed heated blower and electronic keypad. Blower and keypad carry Lifetime Warranties.
- One-minute purge cycle that activates 20-minutes after blower is turned off.
- Variable speed
- Air heater
- Integrated muffler for quiet operation
- Blower requires a dedicated 20 amp GFCI circuit
- Electronic Controls

• Air Piping
Air Piping
To ensure the highest level of hygiene, only high quality FDA approved food grade piping is used to supply air to WaterTech air injectors. Water never enters the air lines because WaterTech uses only air injectors with integrated check valve protection. Service on WaterTech air lines, if ever needed, is as simple as removing the air lines from the injector. Injectors are also easily serviced by removing the injector cap.

• Air Manifold
Air Manifold
An air manifold is installed on each WaterTech air bath to distribute air to the injectors. The manifold has 2 additional check valves incorporated into its design to ensure water never reaches the blower should an injector fail. The manifold provides equal air pressure and volume to all injectors.

• Push Button Control System
- First push turns on
- 2nd High
- 3rd Medium
- 4th Low
- 5th Pulse
- 6th Off

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Air baths provide a non-aggressive soft tissue massage.
The soft massage of an air bath is provided by millions of heated air bubbles that contact the skin after they are released from air injectors, air that is provided by a heated air blower. An air message soothes the body, boosts cardiac output, opens pores and improves circulation.
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