MTI Acquabella Series Bathtubs

Oval Freestanding Bath in Mineral Composite
MTI’s Acquabella Collection includes freestanding tub models produced exclusively in mineral composite. This material is a high-quality mineral composite mixture of ground natural elements and high-grade binding agents, with a tough, state-of-the-art chemically-bonded coated finish specially formulated for MTI. The same type of material used on the hulls of multi-million- dollar yachts. Beautiful, non-porous, durable and easily maintained.

MTI Acquabella Mineral Composite Tubs

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Acquabella Bathtubs by Size
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Acquabella Bathtub Series


Millions of years ago the Earth was a highly volatile environment. Under extremely high temperatures and enormous pressure, layers of limestone were transformed into dolomite, a rock that is very hard and durable. Welcome to the Acquabella Collection. Where natural minerals, science and artistry are combined to produce design-savvy products that will satisfy tastes traditional, transitional and contemporary. Bathroom tubs, sinks and shower bases that are beautiful, functional and durable. Cast Engineered Stone, with a chemically-bonded luxe finish.

Standard Features:
• A high-quality mineral composite mixture of ground natural elements and high-grade binding agents.
• The mixture is liquefied and poured.
• A tough, state-of-the-art coated finish specially formulated for MTI is chemically-bonded in the process. The same type of material used on the hulls of multi-million- dollar yachts.
• The tub is then hand-finished.
• Non-porous, shock-resistant surface is UV- and stain-resistant for durability and easy care.
• Integrated slotted overflow and white toe-tap drain.
• Ergonomically designed interiors for long, comfortable soaks.
• Deep bathing well designed for full immersion.
• High insulating properties and superior construction keep water warm longer for extended soaking therapy

Acquabella Options
Optional Exterior Colors:
Flat-Rim Tubs Only
Accessories Bubbly Air Jets
Air Bath Features
• MTI’s unique Air Massage System with 20 nearly invisible, “illusion” air jets that are absolutely flush with the bottom of the tub floor.
• Positioned for maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort.
• Low-profile electronic keypad enables total bather control of air bath intensity, from a gentle and relaxing sensation to invigorating.
• Waterproof remote control is included with the air system for added convenience.
• Whisper-quiet blower with ceramic heater pre-warms air bubbles.
• Multiple built-in anti-return check valves for hygienic air bath operation.
• Automatic purge cycle activates 7 minutes after tub use for hygienic operation.
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