MTI Adel 2 Bathtub

With a clean, simple design, the MTI Adel 2 features a freestanding oval tub with a thin lip and integrated faucet deck. This compact acrylic tub has a sleek integrated slotted overflow, angled sides and a flat, overlapping rim. Although it is small at 57" x 31", it provides a nice sized bathing well that is 41" x 21". Center side drain and two comfortably sloping backrests give the option of soaking direction for one bather. Choose a bath created from glossy white or biscuit acrylic, or a matte white DoloMatte. Enjoy a soaking bath or add the bubbly caress of an air bath.
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Adel Oval Freestanding Bath with Angled Sides, Flat Overlapping Rim, Faucets in Deck
Oval Freestanding Bath with Angled Sides, Flat Overlapping Rim, Faucets in Deck Top View, Center Side Drain, 2 Backrests Adel 2 Without Faucets Installed

Adel 2 | 255 Freestanding Soaking or Air Bath

Tub Size: 57.25" x 31" x 21.5"
Water Depth: 16.5"
Maximum Fill: 72 gal to overflow
Bottom Interior: 41" x 21"
Back Rest Angle: 105°
Acrylic Tub Weight: 123#
DoloMatte Tub Weight: 132#

Bathtub Material:
- Acrylic CLX™ | Glossy | White or Biscuit
- DoloMatte™ | Matte | White Only
Integrated Faucet Deck
Direct Drain
Integral Chrome Slotted Overflow with Toe Tap Drain
Installation: Freestanding

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Important Adel 2 Information
Before ordering or installing, please consider future access to equipment.
• If the tub is equipped with an Air System, Chromotherapy, or Radiance, the system blower and control boxes must be remotely mounted.
• Radiance placed on floor locations will affect placement of air jets.
• This tub comes equipped with an access panel to facilitate installation of the toe tap drain provided. Toe tap drain aligns directly with drain pipe rough-in. Heights may vary between tub models with integrated overflow. Always measure distance from the finished floor to the underside of the drain before trimming drain pipe in floor.
Access Panel on Drain Side

The technical sheet will list the options available on the Adel 2. For details on the options see:
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