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Wake up with the invigorating spray or wash away the stress of the day. Showers have become the place to pamper and refresh. A shower can be as simple as a shower control and shower head, or a home spa complete with water fall, multiple shower heads, body spray and steam.
Riobel Custom Shower with Body Sprays, Handheld Shower(2) & Overhead Shower

3 Steps to the Perfect Shower Set:

To help you with your quest for the perfect shower, we have broken the decisions into three steps:
1. Choose the type of system (shower control)
2. Choose the functions (shower heads, body sprays, hand showers)
3. Shop for style
Step 1: Which Shower System?
Showers combine a number of  functions (water outlets) for different therapeutic experiences. Driving the functions are the controls (valves). Theses controls determine the number of functions possible by the amount of water flow they provide & the number of outlets they provide. We will discuss the number of outlets first, water flow further below. Remember is here for any questions ~ 866-380-0303

2 Valve Shower Faucet
• 1 Function
Hot & Cold Handle, Shower Head
2 Valve shower can only run one function. One handle each to control the hot and cold water. This shower offers both pressure and temperature control. This system does not meet codes in most states where requirements indicate anti-scald.

3 Valve Shower Faucet - Tub Shower
• 2 Functions - Choose one or the other
Hot & Cold Handle, Diverter, Tub Spout & Shower Head
3 valve shower system gives the choice between two functions. There is a handle for hot water, one for cold, and one to switch the water between the two functions. Mostly used for a tub & shower system, it can be installed to accommodate a hand shower and shower. This shower offers both pressure and temperature control. It does not meet codes in most states where requirements indicate anti-scald.

Pressure Balance
• 1 Function
Pressure Balance Control
Pressure Balancing valves balance incoming hot and cold water pressure to compensate for fluctuations in water flow. If the cold water pressure decreases, the valve senses this and reduces the hot water pressure. (It will protect the user from drastic temperature changes should a toilet be flushed while showering.) A single handle is used to turn the valve on and to go from hot to cold. Whether the handle also controls water pressure depends on the particular control. Some are not variable; as soon as you turn the handle on it is at full pressure. Others, the more you pull the handle the more pressure.

Pressure Balance with Diverter
• 2 Functions - Choose one or the other
Glance Pressure Balance with Diverter
Pressure Balance control with a diverter has the same properties as the pressure balance valve listed above with the addition of a diverter. User can choose between two functions. Often used as a tub shower combination faucet, this system can also be used with a shower head and hand held shower.

Thermostatic Shower
• Multiple Functions - All can be on at the same time

Thermostatic valve allows users to select a favorite temperature and keep it there regardless of changes in the temperature of the hot or cold water supply. It has a sensor that reacts to changes in temperature caused by either pressure or inlet temperature changes. It allows for a higher water flow for multiple outlets: shower heads, body sprays, hand showers etc, as well as the ability to have multiple functions on at the same time. Thermostatic valves are available in 1/2" and 3/4". The thermostatic valve sets the temperature, a stop valve (volume control) is need to turn the water on & control the water volume. One stop valve is needed for each function. Stop valves are also available in 1/2" and 3/4".

Thermostatic controls are offered in multiple styles:
- Thermostatic Control is on one plate and the Stops on their own plates
Custom Shower with Thermostatic Controls
- Stop (1 or 2) is integral to the thermostatic controls
California Faucets Dual Volume Styletherm
- Combination of Integral & Individual Stops
Riobel Thermostatic with Shower Head, Body Sprays, Hand Shower Rail

• See Thermostatic Shower Examples
Step 2: Water Outlets - Shower Heads, Body Spray & Hand Showers
The number of outlets or functions possible depends on the maximum flow rate of the valve at the given water pressure.
For example a California Faucet 3/4" thermostatic valve has a flow rate of 19.8 gpm at 60 psi.
Three body sprays at 2.5 gpm, a large shower head at 7.0 gpm and a hand shower 2.5 gpm = 17 gpm. A valve of 19.8 would handle these 5 outlets.
7.5 Body Sprays (3 x 2.5) + 7.0 Shower Head + 2.5 Hand Shower = 17

Shower Heads
There are 2 -3 parts of a Shower Head.
The actual shower head, the shower arm and shower flange (if not an integral part of the shower arm.)
The shower arm dictates if it is a wall mount or ceiling mount shower.

Multi Function Shower Head
These shower heads have multiple spray effects

Rain Showers
California Faucets SH76 Showerhead
Large volume shower heads

Waterfall Shower Head with Water
Blade of water

Body Sprays
California Faucets Modern Body Spray
Body sprays are usually installed in groups and are designed to spray the entire body. They are usually positioned at shoulder level, waste/hip and thigh/knee. Different jets offer different features like pulsating, self-cleaning, adjustable volume or directionally adjustable. Nebulizers produce a fine mist.

Hand Held Showers
Also known as Personal Showers, hand showers can be mounted on a slide bar or bracket. The Hand Shower set consists of a Slide Bar or Hook, Hand Shower, Hose and Supply Elbow (connects from the water supply to the hose).

Hand Shower on Slide Bar
Hand Shower on a Slide Bar to Adjust Shower Height
The height is adjustable along the slide bar. The hand shower can also be removed from the slide bar.

Hand Shower on Hook
Hand Shower on a Hook
A hook holds the hand shower. The picture shows the wall supply (where the water comes into the hose from behind the wall) and the hook as two separate pieces. There are also a models available that have the wall elbow and bracket as one piece.

Tub Spout
Cifial Hexa Tub Spout
We do not have a separate page for tub spouts but they can be added to create a custom thermostatic tub & shower system. Tub spouts with an integral diverter can be used with a pressure balance control for a tub/shower combination.

Steam Shower
Steam Shower
The addition of steam shower doesn't change the controls need for the shower, the steam is controlled by its own set of controls. We are including it here since it is a great addition to any shower.
Mr. Steam
Step 3: Shopping For Your Custom Shower
Now that you know what you are looking for, it is time to shop. Or, if there are questions - give us a call 866-380-0303. Each of our faucet companies offer great quality shower faucets. Explore the looks of each series by looking at the widespread faucets on the main page. Find a faucet you like the looks of, click on it and you will see all the offerings - including shower controls.
Don't forget the shower drain!
Thermostatic Shower Examples
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