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General Options: Americh Tub Systems (Features & System Options)
Integral Tile Flange
Thermal Comfort System
TCS (List Price $1005.00)

The Thermal Comfort System enhances your bathing bathing experience with a special heating pad built-into your neck and shoulder areas while you soak! Easier yet; you can simply sit in the bathtub without water and enjoy the feel of heat penetrating deeply to soothe your sore aching muscles.
• Two heat settings
• Heats acrylic to approximately 100 - 104°
• 18" x 15" pad
• Covers neck and shoulder area
• 30-minute auto-off function
• Uses less energy than a common 60 watt light bulb.
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Tile Flange
A tile flange is a barrier that goes around one, two, or three sides of the tub and is raised approximately 1" above the deck. It is highly recommended on bathtubs being used as a shower to prevent water from dripping off the deck between the tub and finished wall.
(See Beverly tubs for special longer drain for that series)
Metal Grab Bar
Grab Bars
Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, White, Biscuit or Bone
Prices Per Bar
9" (List Price $220.00)
14" (List Price $335.00)
16" (List Price $355.00)
Madison Series (List Price $220.00)

- Solid Brass
- Factory installed
- Some sizes not available on certain models. See tub technical.
Applying Fiberglass Backing
High Density Insulation
Extra layer of fiberglass backing
HD (List Price $650.00)
Chromotherapy Lighting
Chromotherapy Lighting
CHROMO (List Price $445.00)
Chromotherapy's powers have long been revered in the healing traditions of India, China and Greece. Each color corresponds to a vibration with its own wavelength and rhythm, leading to increased physical, psychological, and emotional wellness. Americh new mini mood lights are available across the full color spectrum, with a round stainless steel flange.
(2 lights per set, 4 light maximum)
Optional Remote Control
Remote Control
REMOTE (List Price $505.00)
Completely waterproof remote control is ergonomically shaped, lightweight, and fully submergible. Strategically placed magnets for effortless access, eliminating the need for a static control pad.
(Available on select bath series)
Low Profile Tub Rim
Lo-Profile Tub Edge
LOPPRO (List Price $135.00)
Trim the tub deck to 1/2 - 3/4" giving a sleek bathtub profile.
Front Skirt
(Available on select bath series)
iBath Music System
IBATH (List Price $840.00)

Don't just listen to music whirl in the bath, feel it! Experience it! Speakers are integrated into the structure of the tub. Play music through personal devices such as MP# players, tablets...the entire tub becomes a speaker through bluetooth technology.
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