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Explore the Features that make Americh Air Bathtubs Exceptional

Surprise your senses with gentle bursts of warm air bubbles, invigorating your body and spirit with restorative energies.
Electronic Air System Control
Americh's electronic control allows you to turn the blower up or down. You can also make the system wave or pulse. Speed will vary gradually from maximum to minimum in the Wave mode. With Pulse the speed will go directly to minimum and then straight back to maximum. The electronic control will also operate the optional LED underwater lighting if ordered with the tub.

Air Bath II and Air Bath V

Both systems offer an all-encompassing, acupressure massage experience and the following:
• Variable Speed Blower
• Heated Air System
• Americh Control Pad
• Pulse/Wave Feature
• Water Detection Sensor
• Automatic Drying Cycle
• Pre-mounted Blower and Controls
• Pre-leveled Bathtub

The main difference between the two air systems is how the air is blown into the bath:
Air Bath II
Electronic Air System Control
Channel | Small Air Jet Holes
Airbath II blows air through an air channel that is laminated to the bathing well and part of the overall structure of the bath. The jets are drilled through the bath in line with the bottom of the air channel. The jets are left unadorned for open air flow toward the bather. Water can flow into the channel when the system is stopped. The position of the air jet ensures that water drains out completely and an automatic drying cycle dries the channel after each use of the bath.
Air Bath II also offers a Heated Backrest
The configuration of the air channel warms the backrest of the bath.

Air Bath V
Shoe Eylet Style Air Jets
Individual Air-Ports | Chrome or White
Jets are drilled through the bath and outfitted with mini jets. Visually, Airbath V adds a trim to the air jets that Airbath II does not have. The trim is minimal and easily maintained. The jets are offered in chrome or white. Water can flow into the tubing when the system is stopped. An automatic drying cycle is used to push any residual water back out into the bath and dry out the tubing.
Tub System Connects Individual Jets
Air Bath V Offers Balanced Pressure
The mini jets are designed to compress and push the air out into the water as far as possible toward the bather. The narrower tubing works to increase air pressure toward the jets all around the bath, equalizing air flow to each jet.

Air Bath Options
Ozone System
OZONE (List Price $670.00)
Ozone, also known as energetic oxygen, uses natural UV light as a powerful oxidizer to eliminate impurities from the water.

Pillows, Drains Grab Bars & More
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