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Imagine the healing benefits of a deep tissue massage combined with warm circulating water. Americh highly advanced hydro-massage system penetrates hidden tensions, stimulates circulation, and restores vital energy sources. Various pressure and direction levels give you personal control of your massage. Americh's hydro-massage jets have the lowest profile in the industry.
Whirlpool System

Explore the Features that make Americh Whirlpools Exceptional

Directionally & Pressure Adjustable Whirlpool Jets
Operation of Eye Ball Jet
One of the lowest profile jets on the market
Americh standard jets feature a 360° eyeball that can adjust to any direction. Turn the jet eyeball to direct it up or down in any direction. Or choose your massage by flipping the eyeball. It has two holes. One with a smaller opening for more targeted massage. One wider for a larger, softer massage. Rotate the jet until you see no hole to turn off the jet. The connections to the jets are angled upward and designed to bend the tubing between jets upward. This encourages water flow toward the jets adding the flow for the massage. It also facilitates drainage between uses, The flow of the jets is strong and smooth.

Americh Water Jet Whirlpools are offered in 3 Systems: Whirlpool Options
In-line Heater
IH-120 (List Price $590.00)
• Separate GFCI dedicated circuit

Syllent Pump with Heater
Pump Upgrade - Syllent Pump

SYLLENT (List Price $780.00)
• Built in heater
• No need for separate circuit for the heater
• 60% more energy efficient
• Has 15% more output
• Low water protection
• Less than 5dB(A) ambient noise compared to 80-90 dB(A) of a traditional pump.
• Self-draining

Ozone System
OZONE (List Price $670.00)
Ozone, also known as energetic oxygen, uses natural UV light as a powerful oxidizer to eliminate impurities from the water. More information →

Additional Jets
Pump upgrade recommended when jets are added
- 1 HP standard upgraded to 1.5 HP
PUMPUPGRADE1.5 (List Price $780.00)
SYLLENT1.5 (List Price $1130.00)

• Additional Standard Jets
JET-CM Color Matched (List Price $200.00)
JET-MT Metal Trim (List Price $225.00)

• Rotary Jets
ROTARY-ADD (List Price $255.00)
-Rotary Jet System addition (2 Jets maximum)
ROTARY-UP (List Price $75.00)
- Rotary Jet Upgrade (2 jets maximum)

Metallic Jet Trim
Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel or Polished Brass
6 JET (List Price $255.00)
8 JET (List Price $310.00)
10 JET (List Price $340.00)
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