Neptune Delight 3260 Tub

The smallest of this Neptune bathtub series, the Delight is a 60" x 32" rectangle tub. It can also be ordered with a flange to create an alcove tub with a custom front skirt. The Delight 3260 is also offered with an optional acrylic front skirt. Neck rest is designed to optimize comfort and relaxation. Beautiful styling with curving armrests. This tub series is about options. Choose a soaking, air, whirlpool or combination massage system. Find your Neptune Delight bath on sale with free shipping at, the bathtub experts!
Drop-in Rectangle Bath with Neckrest, Armrests, End Drain
Drop-in Rectangle Bath with Neckrest, Armrests, End Drain Delight With Tile Flange, Custom Tile Skirt Delight With Tile Flange, Optional Acrylic Skirt

Delight 3260 Whirlpool, Air Tub or Soaking Bathtub

Drop-in Bathtub (with or without tile flange)
Left or Right Drain
Tub Size: 60" x 32" x 21"
Water Capacity: 68 Gallons
Bathtub Weight: 66#
Water Depth: 15 1/4"

Bathtub Material: Acrylic
Standard Neptune Color: White
Installation: Drop-in or Alcove
Smooth Tub Floor
No tile flange or Integral tile flange (left or right drain)
Tub fitted with back jets may cause the pump to protrude by approximately 3" from overall dimension

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Delight 3260 Drop-in Soaking Bathtub

Delight 3260 Drop-in Air & Whirlpool Bathtubs

Delight 3260 Drop-in Combination Tub

Delight Drop-in Tub Options
Model Specific Options
• Tile Flange: None or Integrated
• Delight Removable Skirt ($655.00 List Price)
- Not factory installed
• Handle ($110.00 Each List Price)
- White, Bone, Biscuit or Chrome (Max.2)
• Rayola ($799.00 List Price)
- For Soaking Tubs Only
- Shell Backrest Heating System
- Control Colors: Chrome, White, Biscuit or Bone
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Neptune Delight 3260 with Integral Skirt
Rectangle Bath with Molded Back and Arm Rests
Delight 3260 Skirted

60 x 32 x 21
Neptune Delight Drop-in is Offered in More Sizes:
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