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Mr. Steam Individual Steam Controls & Accessories

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iSteam, iTempo, iGenie Steam Shower Individual Controls

Mr.Steam® offers convenient shower packages but they also offer their components separately so you can create a steam shower for your needs.

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mr. Steam Controls:

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iSteam 2.0 with Matching Steamhead & WiFi
Touch Screen Control in White and Black
The iSteam’s revolutionary touch screen display and feature-rich menu offer an unsurpassed, customizable user experience. Along with a stunning graphic interface and bespoke design by world-renowned Industrial designer David Farrage, whose experience with Movado™ and Lamborghini™ is evident in iSteam’s contemporary styling.
• 30' Cable included
• Includes iSteam Steam Head
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

104104WH - iSteam-White
104104BK - iSteam-Black

104117-60 - Optional 60 foot cable
(30' cable included)

iTempo Plus with Matching Steamhead
Control in Round or Square - Shown in Brushed Nickel
• Stores two preferred time and temperature settings
• A Mr. Steam exclusive - close tolerance for temperature sensing
• Controls both the AromaTherapy and ChromaSteam systems
• Is nearly flush-mounted and available in round or square styles
• Includes a 24-hour digital clock - letting you tell time in the shower
• Are manufactured in solid brass with an elegant metal finish
• Integrate On/Off feature for AromaSteam and ChromaSteam™
• Pairs with Mr. Steam eSeries as well as the wireless iGenie® control
• AromaSteam Steamhead in matching finish and shape
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

$950.00 Chrome
$1050.00 Designer Finishes

103990-60 - Optional 60 foot cable
(30' cable included)

iTempo with Matching Steamhead
Control in Round or Square
• Is nearly flush-mounted
• Is available round or square styles, manufactured in solid brass with an elegant metal finish
• Pairs with Mr. Steam eSeries generators as well as the wireless iGenie® control
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

$650.00 Chrome
$750.00 Designer Finishes

103990-60 - Optional 60 foot cable
(30' cable included)

iGenie Remote Control
Remote Control in White and Black
Assures accurate preheating, and provides a safe, automatic shutdown feature
Pairs with eSeries Generators, iSteam and iTempo controls
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet



Remote Control and Interface
HomeWizard™ lets you activate your steambath from almost any location, leveraging the advanced functions of an existing home automation system. Preheat your steam shower from your smart phone, computer, tablet or in-home control system. Steam's ready when you are!
Wiring and programming tasks are quick and straightforward. Installers simply connect the single interface module cable to a Mr. Steam eSeries steam generator and register the unit on the home automation system's programming console. HomeWizard comes complete with interface module and iGenie® FOB.
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet


Blue Chromatherapy Lighting
The MrSteam ChromaSteam™ system integrates light with steam, creating chromatherapy environments rich with color, mood and warmth:
• ChromaSteam suffuses the steam shower with a spectrum of color from airy blue to sensual red (7 colors).
• Vapor-sealed, low voltage LED modules yield long-lasting high performance and cool operation.
• The Chromalogic color selection can be set for a single color or to cycle from one to another.
• ChromaSteam is UL listed for safety.
• Controlled with iSteam, Air Tempo or iTempoPlus control keypad or dedicated wall switch.

*ChromaSteam is for mood lighting only and does not substitute for a general shower illumination.
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet


AudioWizard® 2.0

Music Receiver
Soothe the soul with steam and music. Play your favorite music when you relax in a steam shower. MrSteam offers several options to fully engage the senses with steam shower audio systems.
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

  • MSAWIZ2.0-iS
    Works with iSteam Control
    • Volume
    • Previous/Next
    • Play/Pause
  • MSAWIZ2.0-BK
    Stand-alone Control
    • Volume
    • Previous/Next

MusicTherapy In-room Speakers are designed for use in any shower, inside or outside the shower enclosure.
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

  • Square, Black Steamroom Speakers

    $250.00 -BK Black
    $250.00 -WH White
  • Round, White Steamroom Speakers

    $250.00 -BK Black
    $250.00 -WH White

AromaSteam® System
Automatic Aromatherapy System
Breathe deep…
Essential oils can help awake and stimulate, or relax and promote better sleep. The MrSteam AromaSteam system evenly infuses oils into the steam shower via an electronic delivery system for balanced, seamless integration of aromatherapy.
By merging oil and steam into a sensual mix, the AromaSteam System injector pump atomizes the oil and creates the perfect in-steam aromatherapy experience.
MrSteam's specially-formulated essential oils are extracted from organic flowers and plants. Each aromatic oil offers a distinct fragrance with characteristics that may support the body’s specific needs.
• MrSteam AromaSteam System includes the oil container caddy, hoses, fittings and oil atomizer
• The exquisite collection of MrSteam essential aroma oils are available in replaceable long-lasting one-liter (33 oz.) bottles.
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet


AromaSteam Oils

AromaSteam Oils
1 - Eucalyptus - A deeply refreshing aroma with cleansing effects, eucalyptus may help open air passageways
2 - Lavender - A sweet, lightly floral scent, lavender may help soothe anxiety with its calming and restorative properties
3 - Evergreen - A refreshing blend of spruce, fir and pine reminiscent of a forest on a crisp morning
4 - Energizing Mint - A blend of mint, citrus and herbs that may stimulate and energize
5 - Breathe - A tropical combination that may help clear chest, nose and sinuses

  • Liter Bottle of Scented Oils
    Liter Bottle
    For AromaSteam System
  • Scented Oils for steamhead
    10 ml Bottle
    For Steamheads
    $32.00 @ Bottle
    $150.00 - 5 Pack
    (1 of each scent)
  • Chakra 7 Oils
    Chakra Oils
    For Steamheads
    $33.00 @ Bottle
    $200.00 - 7 Pack
    (1 of each scent)

Chakra Oils
Red Vitality - may help you feel invigorated
Energy Orange - motivating experience that may help lessen sexual inhibitions
Yellow Awakening - may help improve memory and concentrations
Green Harmony - may help to reduce stress and restore a sense of balance
Celestial Blue - may boost self-expression, creativity, inner peace, loyalty and truth
Mystic Indigo - may help enhance your creative intuition
Violet Nirvana - may help calm your agitated nerves

Linear Steamhead

Long Thin Steam Head
Linear Steamhead Shhh!... do you hear that?
This patent-pending, one-of-a-kind steam head offers minimalistic design with maximum benefits.
• 14.5" wide, installs between two 16" on center studs
• Anodized aluminum construction
• Flush to the wall mounting
• Even Dispersion of steam
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

With its quiet dispersion of steam, you'll hardly know this steam head is there. The Linear SteamHead is efficient and effective. It creates a warm flow of "AHH" inducing steam.
Does not include an oil reserve. Order AromaSteam System for Aromatherapy

104216 - Linear Steam head

Steam Room Lighting

Frosted Light with Metal Trim
MS Light

Wall or ceiling mount
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

(X = BC or ORB)
Brushed Chrome or Oil Rubbed Bronze
Recessed Light with Metal Trim
MS Recessed Light
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

(X = SSP or PN)
Stainless Steel - $950.00
Polished Nickel - $1050.00

Chlorine Filter System
Water Filter
• Reduces Chlorine in water
• Connects to standard 3/8" NPT plumbing
• Meets NSF/ANSI Standard 42
• Easy in-line installation
• Replace activated charcoal filter cartridge yearly
• See-through cartridge for easy maintenance
• Dimensions: 13" h x 5.5" d
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

MS Filter - $250.00
MS Cartridge - $50.00

Wall Mounted Steam Shower Seat
Wall Mounted teak seat with metal hardware
Wall-mounted Steam/Shower seats for the home spa in highly polished, soft-grained, furniture grade, finished teak wood. Seat drops for use, folds for storage. Seat measures 19¾"W x 13¼"D x 1¼", with 250 lbs maximum weight capacity. Wall brackets available in Polished Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel.
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet


$550.00 Polished Chrome
$600.00 Oil Rubbed Bronze
$600.00 Brushed Nickel

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