Jetta St Martin J25X Tub

A large Jetta bath, the St Martin J25X is a 72" x 42" oval whirlpool with a raised neck rest and end drain. End drain provides more room a bather to stretch their legs. Armrests & foot rests provide comfort. Choose water or air & water jets to wash away the stress of the day. Enjoy 7 massaging water jets with the whirlpool bath or choose the combo tub to add the vigorous bubbles of the air bath. Find your Jetta St Martin on sale with free shipping at, the bathtub experts!
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Oval Whirlpool & Air with Flat Rim, Armrests, Foot Rests, End Drain
Oval Whirlpool & Air with Flat Rim, Armrests, Foot Rests, End Drain St Martin Whirlpool Water Jets

St Martin Whirlpool or Combo with Air Bath

Size: 72" x 42.25" x 25.5"
Operating Gallons: 75
Tub Bottom Interior: 48" x 19.5"
Depth to Overflow: 20"
Backrest Slope: 125°
Standard Colors: White or Biscuit

Installation: Drop-in
Foam insulation
High-gloss, high-impact, UV-resistant acrylic
Slip resistant bottom
Sculptured armrests
Lumbar back support
1 person bathing well
End Drain
10 year limited factory warranty Technical
Jetta St Martin J25X | Designer Series

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St Martin J25X Bathtub

St Martin Bathtub Options
- Designer Colors: Bone
- Drain
- Chromotherapy or Mood Light
- Grab Bars
- Pillows
- Aromatherapy
- In-line Heater
- Neck Jet Therapy
- Jet Trim (MSRP)
  Polished Chrome ($326.00)
  Polished Brass ($557.00)
  Satin Nickel ($786.00)
  Oil Rubbed Bronze ($881.00)

Jetta Signature Features & Options →
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Jetta: The Perfect Marriage of Design & Hydrotherapy Technology Innovation
The Designer series offers versatility and functionality with its elegant, spacious designs. Designer baths system options are designed to focus on specific areas of stress and discomfort for maximum relaxation.
Tub Features:
- Foam insulation with eco-friendly polyurethane foam for a warmer bathing experience
- High-gloss, high-impact, UV-resistant acrylic will not dull or fade
- Acrylic is easy to clean with standard non-abrasive household cleaning products
JettaWhirl | Whirlpool Jets
- Rotating back jets are adjustable to stationary jets
- Upper body jets can be shut down for operation at a lower water level
- Tri-ssage control for adjustable pump flow rates
- Plumbed with anti-microbial flex piping
- Arched plumbing provides gravity flow draining for sanitary bathing
Jetta Designer series back jets can be focused for intense whirlpool hydrotherapy or set to rotate in a circle to cover more area of your back. All jets can be fully opened for 100% power or turned down for a gentler water flow. As an added benefit, all jets are removable for easy cleaning. Jetta guarantees that the water in their insulated whirlpool baths will stay within 2 degrees of its original fill temperature for 30 minutes of use without an inline heater.
Air Features (Combo Bath):
- Air injectors are strategically placed around the tub to target all areas of your body.
- Tune your air massaging pressure to fit your unique needs by utilizing Jetta's variable speed blower.
- Customize your spa experience by choosing 3 different air modes: continuous, pulse, or wave.
- Jetta Air system includes a mood light installed in the tub to create a spa like ambiance.
- Automatic purge cycle cleans water from the system after use to keep the system clean.

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