Jetta Signature Tub Series

Sicily Oval Drop-in Bath with Raised Backrests

Jetta Elite, Designer & Classic Series

Find a large selection of tubs with classic design. From the Classic series with one back jet to the Elite series with up to 10 back jets you will find the right hydrotherapy tub for you. The Elite and Designer tubs are offered as whirlpools or combo whirlpool & air. The Classic tubs are offered with all 4 hydrotherapy options (soaking, whirlpool, air or combo). Whether your bathtub is a sanctuary of tranquility, a place for healing or simply part of your daily routine, you deserve the best. You deserve Jetta.
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Signature Collection by Name
Signature Bathtubs by Size

Elite Series

Whirlpool & Combination Whirlpool & Air
The Elite series offers the ultimate relaxation experience. This sophisticated collection offers spacious designs with deep bathing wells and the most extensive hydrotherapy systems. The Elite level jet packages provide the ultimate in back massage.

Designer Series

Whirlpool & Combination Whirlpool & Air
The Designer series offers versatility and functionality with its elegant, spacious designs. Designer baths system options are designed to focus on specific areas of stress and discomfort for maximum relaxation.

Classic Series

Whirlpool, Air Bath, Soaking Tub & Combo
Classic series baths offer maximum relaxation, traditional styling, and the same high standards and quality found in all Jetta Products. This beautiful collection offers all four hydrotherapy options in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Signature Bathtub Features
• JettaWhirl
Whirlpool Water Jet
Direction & Flow Adjustable Jets
All Elite, Designer and Classic tubs have jets with adjustable water volume control to provide specific intensity to each area of the body. The intensity can be controlled by turning the jet to the right for increased water flow or to the left for decreased water flow.
Swirling Jets
Jetta Designer and Elite baths come standard with rotational jets at the back of the tub. These jets are designed to disperse water in a whirl pattern. To widen the whirl pattern, move the jet nozzle to the outer ring of the jet body. To tighten the whirl pattern, use your finger to adjust the center of the jet nozzle to the center of the jet body. Classic, Advantage and Affinity lines do not have rotational jets.

Removable Jets
To remove the jets, turn the outer ring counter-clockwise past the point of resistance until you hear a click. Pull the jet straight out to remove. Jets can be placed in the dishwasher on the top rack. To reinstall the jet, insert the jet body into the housing and turn to the right until you hear a click.

Classic Whirlpool
1.5 BHP pump,
1 back jet,
Jets: directional and flow-adjustable, removable for easy cleaning

Designer Whirlpool

2 BHP pump
3 back jets
Jets: Rotating and flow adjustable, 98% turn-off, removable for easy cleaning

Elite Whirlpool

3-6 BHP pump with 10 back jets
3 BHP pump with 6 back jets
Jets: Rotating and flow adjustable, 98% turn-off, removable for easy cleaning
• JettaAir
Jetta Air-therapy injects thousands of effervescent air bubbles into the water to massage your body and create an invigorating bathing experience.
• Air injectors are strategically placed around the tub to target all areas of your body.
• Tune your air massaging pressure to fit your unique needs by utilizing Jetta’s variable speed blower.
• Customize your spa experience by choosing 3 different air modes: continuous, pulse, or wave.
• Jetta Air system includes a mood light installed in the tub to create a spa like ambiance.
• Upgrade your light package to a multicolor LED for more lighting options.
• Automatic purge cycle cleans water from the system after use to keep the system clean.
Stay Hot Emblem
THE JETTA EXCLUSIVE | The Stay Hot Guarantee
Jetta guarantees that the water in our insulated whirlpool baths will stay within 2 degrees of its original fill temperature for 30 minutes of use without an inline heater.
Jetta Tub Construction
Signature Bathtub Options
Standard Color
White or Biscuit
Designer Colors
Bone ($718.00 MSRP)

Waste & Overflow ABS Tile Flange
Tile Flange
Jetta's ABS Tile Flange is recommended when there will be tiling around the tub in an alcove installation. The tile flange is chemically bonded to the tub in the factory, ensuring a water tight seal around the tub.
($353.00 MSRP)

Removable Skirt
Freestanding Tub Drain Kit
To minimize decking needs, an optional removable skirt provides an economical solution. The skirts are designed to fit seamlessly with the bath, yet maintain easy access to the pump. Most of Jetta's rectangular baths can be purchased with an optional removable skirt.
SKIRT0005 | 60" (MSRP $862.00)
SKIRT0006 | 72" (MSRP $961.00)

Access Panel for Soaking Tubs
(MSRP $607.00)

Grab Bars
Grab Bars
Ease your way in and out of your bath with these convenient grab bars.
White, Biscuit or Bone ($379.00 each MSRP)
Clear with Metallic Inserts | Chrome, Satin Nickel or Brass ($501.00 each MSRP)

Create the perfect relaxing mood for your personal oasis.
Under Water Light
Mood Light (no color)
($589.00 MSRP)

LED Multi Colored Lights
LED light with through a constant color or a flowing color sequence.
($793.00 MSRP)

Scented Oils
Simulate your senses with Jetta’s aromatherapy diffusion system. Available on all JettaWhirl, JettAir and Combo Hydrotherapy tubs in the Classic Designer, and Elite series with a flat rim.
($516.00 MSRP)

Gel Roll Pillow
Aqua Blue Roll Up Pillow
Roll-out the next level of relaxation.
- Versatile design for neck or lumbar support
- Molded silicone gel
- Approximate size: 16" x 10 ½"
($276.00 MSRP)
01-88-0020 Aqua Blue

Silicone Gel Neck Pillow
Rectangle Black Pillow Pillow
Give yourself the complete spa experience with the coziness of our Silicone Gel Spa Pillow.
- New adhesive technology
- Remove and reuse, no residue left behind
- Molded silicone gel pillow
- Approximate size: 12" x 4 ½"
($276.00 MSRP)
01-88-0024 Black
01-88-0025 Aqua Blue

Deluxe Contoured Neck Pillow
Oval Pillow in White
Experience the ultimate pleasure in ergonomic neck support with the deluxe contoured neck pillow that attaches easily to the top edge of your bath.
- Suction cup attachment
- Polyurethane fill with vinyl cover
- Approximate size: 14" x 6"
($137.00 MSRP)
01-88-0003 White
01-88-0004 Biscuit

Warmed Backrest
JettaWarm is a surface heating system that provides radiant heat on the backrest of your tub to give you maximum comfort before you even begin your bath! Raise your backrest temperature at the push of a button. The bathing experience has never been so comfortable!
*A soaker tub has full backrest coverage, while a whirlpool or combo tub has a system designed to wrap around the hydrotherapy features and warm the back area of the acrylic where you need it.
($1567.00 MSRP per backrest) | Select Models
Signature Whirlpool Options
In-line Heater
In-line Heater for a Whirlpool
Get the most out of your hydrotherapy with the addition of an Inline Heater. Jetta's Inline Heater is designed to maintain the temperature of your JettaWhirl bath systems. The heater is activated by water flow which keeps the temperature consistent with the temperature of the water as it entered the tub.
($1241.00 MSRP)

Jet Trim
In-line Heater for a Whirlpool
It's easy to custom color match faucets and fixtures with our jet trim kits for the Classic, Designer, and Elite Series. Upgrade to a metallic finish: Oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, polished chrome, or polished brass.
(See individual tub page for prices | Included in option list)

Tri-ssage Control
3 Speed Power Control for a Whirlpool
With the ease of a dial, get additional control of the whirlpool flow rates. Increase and decrease the jet pressure of all the jets at the same time with the turn of one control.
($653.00 MSRP)

Neck Jet Therapy
Jetted Neck Pillow
Get the ultimate upgrade to your whirlpool package with the Neck Jet Therapy system. The system includes two additional integrated rotational jets that propel water against the thin layer of material at the center of the pillow. This creates a deep relaxing massage for all that stress held in the neck. Available in White or Biscuit.
($966.00 MSRP)
01-88-0006 White
01-88-0007 Biscuit

Custom Pump Location
($222.00 MSRP)

Custom Control Location
($229.00 MSRP)
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