Jetta Porter Tub Series

Porter Rectangle Bathtub with Wide Rim, End Drain

Porter: Rectangle, End Drain Soaking or Massage Tub in 6 Sizes

A modern Jetta tub series, Porter baths offer a rectangle tub with wide rim, end drain and slotted overflow. Find six sizes of tubs from the smallest at 60" x 32 to the largest 72" x 42". So you can choose a small tub or make it long and wide. Available as a soaking tub, air bath, whirlpool or stream. You can also combine whirlpool & air or stream & air. The flat rim allows for drop-in or undermount installation. Or add a tile flange and front skirt for alcove installation. The contemporary linear overflow allows a deep 17.5" water depth.
Soaking Tub | No Jets, Center-Side Drain
Clean lines and a flat lip highlight this contemporary style. The Affinity line boasts a spacious bathing. Whether your bathtub is a sanctuary of tranquility, a place for healing or simply part of your daily routine, you deserve the best. You deserve Jetta.
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Jetta Quality Construction
Heavy duty acrylic backed with extra thick fiberglass. Plus foam insulation and a plywood base.
JettaSoak | Soaking Tub
A therapeutic soak will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and cleansed. Available in all of Jetta’s product lines, this timeless hydrotherapy will renew and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the Jetta spa escape.
JettaAir | Air Bath
The Jetta Air-therapy injects thousands of effervescent air bubbles into the water to massage your body and creates an invigorating bathing experience.
• Air injectors are strategically placed around the tub to target all areas of your body.
• Tune your Air massaging pressure to fit your unique needs by utilizing Jetta's variable speed blower.
• Customize your spa experience by choosing from 3 different air modes: continuous, pulse, or wave.
• Choose a light that fits your mood with the multicolor LED light that comes standard on the Affinity Air system.
• Automatic purge cycle cleans water from the system after use to keep the system clean.
JettaWhirl | Whirlpool Jets
Exclusive to the Affinity Collection, the InvisiJet Technology houses the jet behind the tub wall to maintain a seamless tub interior with a sleek, modern look. Each compact InvisiJet needs only a ¼" opening in the tub wall to generate an invigorating whirlpool action with the same caliber of sensation and benefits of the classic whirlpool.
WhirlCombo | Water & Air Jets
Provides a distinct bathing sensation when the invigorating whirlpool jet action merges with tingling bubbles in the air bath.
JettaRiver | Water Stream

A smooth and flowing twist on hydrotherapy. JettaRiver offers a steady, gentle stream designed to soothe and relax the body and mind. It's as if, in one blissful moment the sounds and sensations of nature surround you - and all you do is sit and soak it in.
RiverCombo | Water Stream & Air
The River/Air combination provides the best of balanced air flow with smooth and steady water flow to create just the right combination of stimulation and relaxation.

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