Hydro Massage Freestanding Tubs

Features & Options

Bathtub Colors
Standard Colors: White
Fashion Colors: Biscuit & Bone (MSRP: $400.00)
- See tub information for colors available
Grab Handle

• EZ Fast Connect Drain
In-floor Drain Adapter

Provides a quicker, cleaner installation of your freestanding bath

• Grab bars
Grab Handle
Choose from White, Biscuit, Bone, Polished Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze or Brushed Nickel

• Mood Light
Underwater Lighting
3 Color Lighting
Underwater light with two snap on lens caps.

• LED Lighting
Multi Color Underwater Lighting
Underwater led light. 7 basic colors, 21 blended colors. Cycle through the lights or pause on one.

• Deluxe Pillow
Oval Foam Pillow
Available in White or Biscuit, this pillow is removable and adjustable for your comfort.

• Sushi Roll Up Pillow
Roll Up Pillow with Gel Channels
11" x 16" gel body cushion that can be positioned in multiple ways for comfort to your neck, back or legs.

• Cozy Heated Backrest

• Stay Hot Eco Bond Thermal Insulation
Eco Bond Installation
- Reduces pump noise substantially compared to a traditional bath
- Helps keep the water hot for up to 30 minutes. Provides a Insulating R Factor of 12-18 on most of the bath surfaces
- Renewable resource. Produced from plant based natural oil polyols.

• Hydro Sound
Hydro Sounds
Hydro Sounds is a speaker system (2) that mounts to the back of the bath and it transforms the tub into a large speaker so the sound comes from the tub and water and the bass actual vibrates the water if powered correctly and proper music. The music source must be provided from a home stereo along with a amplifier.

• Eco Pure Bath & Water Conditioner
Eco Pure Water Additive
• Re-hydrates and nourishes your body with natural vitamins and minerals.
• Moisturizes your skin and leaves it silky smooth.
• Helps eliminate Bio Residual contaminants on jets and internal plumbing system.
• Works with Hydro Therapy to reduce stress, relieve pain, detoxify and stimulate both your digestive and immune systems.
• Naturally purifies water for a healthier home bath experience.
• Reduces cleaning and maintenance of the bath surface.
Skin Conditioner
• Enhance Bath and Skin Conditioner
With Enhanced Bath and Skin Conditioner, your bath will re-hydrate and nourish your body with natural vitamins and minerals leaving it silky smooth. It also eliminates the bio building that can sometimes lurk in your bath's plumbing system. Reduce stress, relieve pain and stimulate your digestive and immune systems by naturally purifying your bath water and conditioning your skin at the same time.

Heated Soak

The Heated Soak Series is available on most of Hydro Massage freestanding baths. Hydro Massage Whisper Flo Heat Pump will gently circulate warm water to increase circulation, soothe the tired muscles, joints and enhance relaxation. This system will insure that your bath is always hot and enjoyable.
- WhisperFlo Heat Pump
- Quiet Anti-Vibration Pump Pad
- Air Switch On/Off
- Hydro Cleanse
- Access Panel
(1) 115v 20AMP GFCI circuit

Revive Micro Bubble

Only offered on select models. Soaking in warm, oxygen-rich bath water is a luxurious at-home spa experience that can only be achieved with specialized heated oxygen hydrotherapy baths, like Revive oxygen soak hydrotherapy. Oxygen-infused bathing truly is the next step in skin care, rejuvenation, and at- home spa wellness. Revive (More Information) →
- Oxygen Pressure Pump
- Quiet Anti-Vibration Pump Pad
- Air Switch On/Off
- Hydro Cleanse
- EZ Level Adjustable Legs
(1) 115v 20AMP GFCI circuit
Revive can be added to any whirlpool, air bath or combination system

Air Jet Bath

Air jets arranged to provide massage in all the right places! Float away in a sea of effervescent bubbles as our Hydro Thermal Air Therapy soothes your mind and restores well-being to your body. The healing effects of air massage include increased circulation, reduced pain, toxin removal, increased endorphins, and stronger immune system. Maximize the benefits of one of the basic elements—air.

Classic Air Jets
- 1.0 Air Power 3-speed Air Pump
- Quiet Anti-Vibration Pump Pad
- Air Switch On/Off
- Hydro Cleanse Liquid Cleaner
- Automatic Purge & Dry Cycle
- Access Panel
(1) 115v 20AMP GFCI circuit
Standard Button Jet
- Classic Button-Style
- Located around the perimeter of the bath sidewall
- Produces thousands of effervescent bubbles out of each of its 6 ports.

EZ Clean HTT Air Jets
- 1.25 Variable Speed Heated Air Pump
- Quiet Anti-Vibration Pump Pad
- Warm Back Rest Tubing Zone
- Variable Speed Massage Control
- Chromotherapy Light (Air Switch On/Off)
- Hydro Cleanse Liquid Cleaner
- Deluxe Cushion Pillow
- Automatic Purge & Dry Cycle
- Access Panel
(1) 115v 20AMP GFCI circuit
Standard Button Jet
- EZ Clean Air Jets
- Located around the perimeter of the bath sidewall & back
- Flush, small holes
- Jet locations vary, see individual tub's technical

EZ Clean HTT 10 Leg Therapy Jets | Option
- Available on some combination tubs
Adds EZ Clean Air Jets to the bottom of the tub. Air stream creates bubbles that burst against sides and bottoms off you legs creating a more vigorous air massage.

Whirlpool Jet Bath

Only offered on select models. Enjoy the age-old benefits of whirlpool hydrotherapy in your highly customized whirlpool tub of today. Feel the stress evaporate as you direct and adjust the warm water pressure on your sore muscles, creating a personal massage experience to target your needs. Whether temporarily relieving pain associated with over-activity or daily stress, or helping mitigate chronic effects of certain diseases such as arthritis or diabetes, you will feel better after a hydro massage bath.

Whirlpool Jets:
Ultra Flow Jet
Ultra Flow Jets produce a powerful stream of water and air to target the hip and leg areas. Customize your massage by turning the jet nozzle.
Micro Flow Jet
Micro Flow Jets produce a medium stream of water and air to target the back and arches of your feet. Customize your massage by turning the jet nozzle.
Spinning Jet
Accumassage Jets targets highly sensitive points in the back, shoulders and neck where they help to relieve tension. These jets are used on all Hydro Massage back massage systems.
*Some features are not available on certain models. Please refer to the tub's specifications sheet for all information.

Hydro Massage Clean
Hydro Massage primarily uses a 'FDA NON-TOXIC' recipe tubing. Unlike flexible PVC or porous PVC pipe, our plumbing harness system provides one of the best drain down systems available. They accomplish this by arching our lines 3 to 5 inches above the jets and using approximately 40 percent less active plumbing than their competition.

Besides Ultra Clean Plumbing, Hydro Massage includes Hydro Clean Water Purity System & Hydro Cleanse Liquid Cleaner with each whirlpool combination tub.
• Hydro Clean (Electronic Water Purity System | Ozone)
Ozone System
Fully automatic and all-natural whirlpool bath sanitation system which sanitizes the bath water anytime the pump is operating. It is more than 200 times stronger than household bleach. It is fully automatic, all natural and safe for the environment. Gentle enough to be used while bathing, the Hydro Clean unit helps kill bacteria and will reduce the amount of cleaning required.
• Hydro Cleanse
Bathtub cleaner that will help maintain a clean and fresh whirlpool or air bath by removing body oils, fragrances and soap residue.

Whirlpool Options:
Ultra Massage
• Ultra Massage Jet
($227.00 List Price)
These produce a relaxing spinning massage of water and air. Customize your massage by turning the jet to increase or decrease water volume. Replaces Ultra Flow Jet.

Micro Massage Jet
• Micro Massage Jet
($95.00 List Price)
Pulsating jet produce a relaxing massage of water and air. Replaces Micro Flow Jet.

• In-Line Heater
Helps to maintain bath water temp. Automatically operates any time the Hydro Power pump is running.
- Option on some whirlpool tubs, included with others.
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