Aquatic Estate Series Whirlpools

Rivera Motif featured in White

Aquatic Estate Series Offers Many Sizes & Styles of Whirlpools

Therapeutic and relaxing whirlpools, this is the Estate Series by Aquatic. Escape to an estate of blissful relaxation. As elegant as the name implies, our Estate Collection offers deep bathing wells, sleek design and up to nine massage jets. Featuring a neck-and-shoulder therapy system, these baths target tension points with powerful circular massage. Available in 59" - 73"models.

You close your eyes and quickly convince yourself that you're far away in a luxurious Tuscan hideaway. Everything you need. Deep waters. Intensive back massage therapy. Exactly where you need it. An escape in your home, revealing a peacefulness in your heart. The day unwinds. The body relaxes. And the favorite part of your weekend is finally here. Comfortably reclining in a deep, contoured bathing well the mood begins to change. Powerful massage jets relax your entire body, and invite a secret smile to appear.)
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Aquatic Estate Whirlpool Features
Luxury Whirlpool Features
Direction & Flow Adjustable Jets
Ultimate Hydro-Massage
• 7 - 9 hydrotherapy jets
• Neck and Shoulder Therapy: Targets stress retained in muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back. The two upper StressEaz jets are volume adjustable and can be turned off.
• Lower Back Massage Jet: this jet delivers rotating massage patterns for the lower back area. Volume and direction can be adjusted for personal comfort.
• Lower Body Massage Jet: Strategically positioned to deliver a deep and focused massage to the hips, knees, calves and feet. The volume and direction of this jet can be adjusted for personal comfort.

Complete Comfort
• Deep, ergonomic bathing well
• Pre-leveled ABS support base
• Armrests: Ergonomically designed armrests are provided for additional comfort during your hydrotherapy experience. (most models)
• Grab Bar: One to two grab bars are standard on many models, optional on others. Designed for added safety while entering and exiting the bath. Metal finishes are also available.

Superior Engineering
• 1.75-HP Run-Dry Safe Pump: Protects against motor and seal damage in case of accidental turn-on of empty unit.
• Pre-Leveled ABS Support Base: Aquatic's pre-leveled ABS support base adds structural support while absorbing noise and vibration. Reduces costly labor steps during installation.
• Heat-Bent Rigid PVC Piping: Aquatic’s heat-bent rigid PVC piping ensures an optimum drain-down system each time you use your whirlpool bath.
• Estate Whirlpool Electronic On/Off Button
Electronic On and Off Whirlpool Switch
Featuring a 20-minute timer, this convenient on/off control operates your Estate whirlpool with a simple touch of a button.

Estate Air-Whirlpool Features
• Whirlpool Features Plus:
• Perimeter air injectors
• Variable-speed, heated-air blower with automated purge-and-dry cycle
• Electronic control with wave & pulse features
• 1.5 kW Inline Maintenance Heater

Estate Options
• Aquatic Whirlpool Colors
Aquatic Standard Colors White, Biscuit & Bone
Aquatic Premium Colors
Colors shown are for reference purposes only. Exact matches are not possible

• Jet Trim • Designer Drain, Waste and Overflow
Cable drive drain available in White, Biscuit, Bone, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass & Brushed Nickel.
Designer Drain, Waste and Overflow

• Front Skirt
Flat Panel Skirt | A stylish flat panel color matched acrylic skirt is available for most rectangle baths.
Skirt is not removable.
Flat Panel Skirt

Curved and Neo-Angle Skirts
These beautifully designed color matched acrylic skirts are available for most corner models
Curved and Neo-Angle Skirts

• Bolt-On Grab Bars
Available on select models, this added safety feature is available in the following finishes: White, Biscuit, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass and Brushed Nickel.
Bolt-On Grab Bars

• Comfort Bath Pillow
Our removable bath pillows add comfort to your bathing experience. Oval pillow available in White or Black. Attach with suction cups.
Comfort Bath Pillow

• Chromotherapy - 7 Colors
Select Aquatic baths provide the benefits of Chromotherapy. Enjoy the soothing effects of a constant color wash or the soft rotation of the color spectrum.
Aquatic luxury extends into the waters of design and craftsmanship
An Aquatic bath product is not only a sight to behold—it's also a pleasure to experience. Whirlpools target aching muscles with pulsating jets of water, while air baths provide an all-encompassing massage. All Aquatic products are made by American workers in U.S. factories, using an unparalleled process that melds precision engineering with expert craftsmanship. They finely tune details inside and out, making sure every curved edge and water line is perfectly clean, so you can enjoy many years of luxury and beauty.

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