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Aquatic Santa Clara Bathtub

Santa Clara Whirlpool or Air-Whirlpool

Rectangle 60 x 35 Alcove Whirlpool or Air-Whirlpool Bathtub with Skirt & Flange
The Santa Clara is an integrally skirted whirlpool featuring convenient access panels and an integral tile flange. The Deep, Extra-Long Bathing Well enhances a more standard tub design by adding Lumbar Support and two Arm Rests, giving the bather all the benefits of a larger whirlpool in a replacement size bath. This whirlpool offers seven pressure adjustable hydrotherapy jets, including one recessed Rotary Massage Jet, two StressEaz Jets and four Full Size Pressure-Flo Hydrotherapy Jets. Choose the whirlpool with water jets or the air-whirlpool for air & water jets.
Rectangle 7 Jet Whirlpool with Oval Bathing Well
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Raised Panel Front Skirt
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
Tub Size: 60" x 35" x 23 1/2"
Gallons to Overflow: 69
Gallons to Operate: 50 (Whirlpool)
Depth to Overflow: 17 1/5"
Package Weight: 135# Whirlpool | 292# Air-Whirlpool

Installation: Alcove
End Drain - 1 Person Bath
Aquatic Standard Colors: White & Biscuit
Integral tile flange
Integral skirt with removable access panels
Raised Panel Front Skirt with Removable Panel

Santa Clara Jetted Tub

Santa Clara Options →
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  • Santa Clara Whirlpool
    Water Jets
    W6032ISL - Left Drain
    - Right Drain

    List Price: $4219.00
    MSRP: $3164.25

    - 7 hydrotherapy jets
    • 3-jet back, shoulder and neck massage system
    • Leg and foot jets
    - Electronic on/off control
    - 1.75hp whirlpool pump
    - This whirlpool must be hard wired to the breaker box
    - 16 x 16 minimum access required at pump location
    PDF DownloadWhirlpool Owner's Manual
  • Santa Clara Whirlpool & Air
    Water & Air Jets
    W32LUX6032ISL - Left Drain
    - Right Drain

    List Price: $6073.00
    MSRP: $4554.75

    Whirlpool & Air
    Whirlpool system plus:
    - Perimeter air system
    - Variable speed heated-air blower
    - Purge and dry cycle
    - Electronic wave and pulse modes
    - 1.5kW inline maintenance heater
    - This whirlpool must be hard wired to the breaker box
    - Three outlets will be supplied
    - 16 x 16 minimum access required at pump/blower location(s)
    PDF Download Owner's Manual
Santa Clara Standard Features:
Deep bathing well
Slip-resistant floor
Pre-leveled ABS support base
Quiet pad anti-vibration pump mount
Bolt-on grab bars: Chrome, Biscuit or White
Premium cast acrylic surface

Santa Clara Options:
Premium Color (Black or Sterling Silver)
Magnetic pillow: Black or White
Cable drive waste & overflow: Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Brushed Nickel, Biscuit or White
Metallic Finish (Jets & Suction Fitting)
Chromotherapy LED lighting
1.5kW inline maintenance heater (whirlpool only)
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Aquatic luxury extends into the waters of design and craftsmanship
An Aquatic bath product is not only a sight to behold—it's also a pleasure to experience. Whirlpools target aching muscles with pulsating jets of water, while air baths provide an all-encompassing massage. All Aquatic products are made by American workers in U.S. factories, using an unparalleled process that melds precision engineering with expert craftsmanship. They finely tune details inside and out, making sure every curved edge and water line is perfectly clean, so you can enjoy many years of luxury and beauty.

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