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Aquatic Millennium - Whirlpool & Air System Tubs

Millennium 10 Featured in White

Indulgent Comfort in a Whirlpool Created to be the Best

Aquatic's finest collection of roomy two-person whirlpool baths. Wash the world away in an extra deep and spacious bathing well equipped with twenty-four strategically placed hydrotherapy jets. Built-in lumbar support, raised seats and arm rests all contribute to the ultimate relaxation experience. Separate water pumps for each bather and a thermostatically controlled heater provide generous power and comfort for every Millennium whirlpool bath. Look for special features such as a Shiatsu-Pro Back Jetting System, chromotherapy lighting, full-body air bath system, and a floating universal remote control. Experience the luxury of whirlpool baths built for two. Invitingly spacious and engineered to deliver ultimate relaxation.
Aquatic Millennium Offers Multiple Back Jets, Air System, Chromatherapy & Inline Heater

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Millennium Features
Ultimate Hydro-Massage
• Shiatsu Hydro-Massage Jet System: Twelve sequencing Shiatsu back jets are strategically placed for pinpoint massage action that rotates up and down the entire back area.
Shiatsu Back Massage
• Shoulder and Back Therapy Jets: An Aquatic exclusive, two Fan Jets provide a unique oscillating air and water massage across the back, shoulders, lumbar and torso areas.
• Knee and Foot Therapy: Two Rotary Massage Elite Jets massage the knee area, and four rotating foot jets target
the foot zone.
• Elbow and Wrist Therapy: Four Pressure Plus Jets, two for each bather, provide a focused massage for instant relief to sore elbows and wrists.
• Air Bubble Massage: Releases thousands of warm effervescent air bubbles for a therapeutic benefit for the entire body. Three massage settings are available: constant, wave and pulse.

Complete Comfort
• Deep Bathing Well with Contoured Seating: Roomy bathing wells offer ergonomically designed lumbar support with contoured seating for bathing comfort.
• Chromatherapy: Using fiber optic technology, the science of color provides soothing effects on the body and mind. Aquatic includes underwater lights with LED technology in all of the Millennium tubs. This light can create a constant color wash or flowing color sequence.
• Heat Therapy: Inline Heater maintains your desired water temperature so your bath water never gets cold and prevents the need to add water.
• Sound Therapy: Fast-Fill Waterfall Spout (Optional). With the therapeutic sounds of a waterfall, Aquatic's built-in spout allows more gallons per minute to flow into the bath and eliminates the need for a fill-spout.

Superior Engineering
• Whirlpool Pumps: 2 independent, Run-Dry Safe, 1.75hp pumps
Protects against motor and seal damage in case of accidental turn-on of empty unit. One pump per bather for personalized control.
• 1-HP Variable Speed Air Blower with Timer
Powers the air bath system and offers variable speeds for a customized massage.
• Adjusta-Level Base
Aquatic precision engineered base provides support and adjustability for level and simple installation.
• Heat-Bent Rigid PVC Piping
Aquatic's heat-bent rigid PVC piping ensures an optimum drain-down system each time you use your whirlpool bath.
• Digital Electronic Control System
Millennium digital electronic control system
Each bath boasts three convenient electronic control panels. The primary panel activates the digital thermometer, pump speed and chromatherapy. The secondary panel allows you to control the Shiatsu-Pro jet back jets. A third control operates the air bath system.
• Floating remote control: The dual sided remote control has same functionality as the key pads. Convenience at your finger tips.

Aquatic Millennium Options
• Whirlpool Colors
- Standard
Aquatic Standard Colors White, Biscuit & Bone
- Premium
Aquatic Premium Colors
Colors shown are for reference purposes only. Exact matches are not possible

• Jet Trim
  • Chrome
  • Polished Brass
    Polished Brass
  • Satin Nickel
    Brushed Nickel
• Fast-Fill Waterfall Spout
Fast-Fill Water Spout
With the therapeutic sounds of a waterfall, Aquatic's built-in spout allows more gallons per minute to flow into the bath and eliminates the need for a fill-spout.

• Designer Drain, Waste and Overflow
Cable drive drain available in White, Biscuit, Bone, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass & Brushed Nickel.
Designer Drain, Waste and Overflow
Aquatic luxury extends into the waters of design and craftsmanship
An Aquatic bath product is not only a sight to behold—it's also a pleasure to experience. Whirlpools target aching muscles with pulsating jets of water, while air baths provide an all-encompassing massage. All Aquatic products are made by American workers in U.S. factories, using an unparalleled process that melds precision engineering with expert craftsmanship. They finely tune details inside and out, making sure every curved edge and water line is perfectly clean, so you can enjoy many years of luxury and beauty.

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