MTI Acrylic Barrier-Free Shower Pan

MTI Barrier-Free Shower Pan - Made specifically for easy, seamless transfer from bathroom space to shower, the new barrier-free base is available in multiple sizes all now on sale. Constructed of durable Lucite® cross-linked cast acrylic with slip-resistant bottom, the front threshold is a mere 1-3/4" high, which is designed to be recessed in the floor, creating a flat transfer surface between bathroom floor and shower floor. A special drain design with stainless steel grate cover efficiently drains water to the center.
Alcove Center Drain Shower Base with T Drain

MTI Barrier-Free / Zero Threshold Shower Pans

Single Threshold
Front accepts shower enclosure

• Unique design that collects the shower water in a concealed trough and channels it to the 3.5" drain.
• Includes complete drain assembly and one-piece stainless steel drain and channel cover.
• 3-sided integral tile flange to facilitate installation.
• Textured bottom that meets ASTM F-462-1994 certification requirements for safer showering.
• Durable Lucite® cast acrylic shell is extremely scratch- and stain-resistant, yet renewable because the color goes all the way through the material.
• Non-porous surface makes cleaning and sanitizing faster and more effective.
• Multi-layered backing of thick fiberglass / resin / titanium encloses wood reinforcement to prevent flexing of floor pan.
• At least 30% thicker and stronger than other makes.
• 10-year Limited Residential Warranty.
T Drain Barrier Free Shower Pans
Rectangle Shower Base with Center Drain and T Shaped Drain
Shower Base Features:
• Glossy Acrylic CXL™
• Standard Colors: White or Biscuit
• Natural stainless steel drain & channel installed on base
• Integral Tile Flange

Shower Base Options:
• Radiance Floor Heating
• Pre-Leveled Foam Base
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