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Amba Traditional Towel Warmer

T-2534 Traditional Towel Warmer

Towel warmer collection featuring round bars with finial accents

Expertly crafted with round bars with beautiful finial accents. Made of mild steel, these models are nickel plated and polished to a beautiful shine, perfect for that traditional design and look. Using replaceable heating elements, these liquid filled electric towel warmers meet stringent pressure testing. The easily replaceable, UL approved, heating element means you can get years of use out of this towel warmer – far beyond its 3 year warranty. Heat up time is 30-45 minutes. Wiring can be converted to the left side, for an additional cost. Programmable timers can be added for additional control.

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Traditional Towel Rack Features
Helps bathrooms stay warm, mold and mildew free.
Suitable for draping large towels and bathrobes.
Expert brass crafted finials and pipes.
Italian heating system.
Can be wired on the left side for an extra charge on request.
Unit has a built in thermostat for optimal energy consumption and safety.
It be controlled by a simple on/off switch or an optional 24 hr / 7 day programmable timer.
Heating Element Certified by UL made in Italy
Available in Polished Nickel.
Polished Chrome
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Amba Switches & Timers
Why is the switch not on the unit?
Firstly, from a design standpoint, we feel that a bulky switch attached to the rail is not aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, having a separate switch allows one to place the switch in the most convenient position, for example, in another room. One is also free to choose the switch that matches the other fittings and decor of the room. Thirdly, because it is not part of the unit, damage to the switch does not impair the functioning of the towel rail. An independent switch is simple to repair; damage to a switch integrated in a unit creates problems with returns and repairs.

Bathroom Heated Towel Racks
Towel Warmers not only warm and dry damp bath towels but add a sense of comfort and luxury to your bathroom experience. It can reduce laundry loads by keeping your towels mold and mildew free.

Best way to place your towels on a towel warmer:
Amba recommends folding your towel in half or thirds, depending on how large your towel is, and drape it over the top bar so the towel hangs down evenly on either side. This allows you to maximize the surface area contact between the towel and bars. They do not recommend weaving the towel through the bars because this only utilizes half of the surface area of the bars.

Heated towel racks are also great for drying damp clothes. The digital heat controller allows you to safely dry more delicate items. Dry, wrinkled clothes can be refreshed by being hung on a towel warmer.

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