60" Freestanding Bathtub

5' Stand-Alone Freestanding Air & Soaking Tubs

We continue on with our listing of 60" freestanding bathtubs. This page will focus on the tubs that are 60" x 27" - 60" x 38". If you are looking for a different size:

60" x 27" - 60" x 38" Floor Mounted Bathtubs

Tubs are listed by size: First by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest
* Deck Mount Faucet | Denotes the possibility of deck mounted faucets. The manufacturer does not drill the holes (or provide the faucet). But your contractor can drill the holes and install the faucets on the tub rim.

All of our freestanding tubs are offered as a soaking tub. Some are also offered as an air tub. The description will let you know what each tub comes as. Click here for freestanding whirlpool or heated soaking tubs. →
60" Freestanding Bath Tub
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