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Soaking Tub | Deep Soaker Tubs

Deep Rectangle Soaking Tub with Decorative Rim, Center Drain

Hydrotherapy can be found in soaking (non-jetted) tubs

Soaking in warm water will sooth the body, boosts cardiac output, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Water also hydrates the skin and helps your pores eliminate toxins. These tubs are not jetted, so therefore, offer the quietest relaxation option. A perfect cure for busy, hectic life styles.

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Deep Soaking Tub

What is considered a deep soaking tub? It depends on your body and how you recline in your tub and how long the bathing well is. Some lean against the backrest, some slouch. To see what depth is best for you, take a look at the technical sheet for the length of the tub at the bottom. Mark the tub length on the floor, sit or slouch against a wall. Measure to see how much water is needed to cover your shoulders. Some consider anything over 17" of water depth is a deep soaking bathtub. More on Deep Soaking Bathtubs →

Soakers with High Water Level for a Luxurious Soak

We have gone through our soaking tubs by size and pulled some of the deepest ones we carry.
They are listed by size from the smallest to the largest.
Below the tub size you will see the water depth: from the bottom of the tub to the bottom of the overflow.

5' ( 60") Deep Soaking Bath Tubs
5 ½' ( 66") Deep Soaker Tubs
6' ( 72") Deep Soaking Bathtubs

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Soaking Tub Sale Prices

Factory Direct Savings

All our tubs come directly to you from the factory. They are created at time of order - customized just for you - no refurbished or seconds. Fully warranted by the manufacturer. Often you will see list prices given. That is not the sale price. You just need to get a hold of us and we will give you the best deal.

Water Depth

Every tub has an overflow;  a 2 1/2" hole drilled below the tub rim. When the water level reaches the overflow it flows into the drain to keep the tub from overfilling. Where the overflow is drilled depends on the tub. Most technical sheets will show the measurement from the bottom to the center of the overflow. Subtracting about 1 ½ from the measurement will give you an idea of how many inches of water the tub will hold. Other technical sheets will give the water depth.
Drawing for overflow
On the above drawing there is 15 1/2" from the bottom of the tub to the center of the overflow. Since water will flow out from the bottom of the overflow hole, this bath will hold just over 14". I have heard that installers have put the overflow cover on upside down so the slot is at the top. Since the water fills to the top of the overflow hole, water depth would be just under 17".  There is also the option of using a product like Deep Water Bath Overflow Cover ( This is a clear plastic cup with suction cups around the opening and a hole in the side. Place it over the overflow with the hole at the top. Now the water has to go to the top of the overflow before draining out. Works the same as installing the overflow cover upside down.

Can a Tub be Too Deep?
Yes. The technical sheet will also give you gallons of water the bath will hold. A general rule of thumb: 2/3 or 3/4 of the water will be hot water, the rest is cold. Let's take a look at one of our deepest tubs – Hydro Systems Monterey. This is a two person, 72 x 42,  tub with a center (side) drain and two sloping backrests. The floor length is 50" and depth to overflow is over 20" – lots of soaking room. This bath will take 60 – 68 gallons of hot water. This will be a problem with a 40 gallon water heater.

If the tub is also going to be used as a shower, think about rim height. Usually over 20" - 21" is difficult to climb over on a daily basis to take a shower.

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