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5 ½' (64 - 69 Inch) Freestanding Air & Soaking Tubs

Neptune Believe Rectangle Freestanding Bath
This tub listing features 5 ½' acrylic and solid surface freestanding tubs
Freestanding tubs don't require a pre-built structure. They are happy to be the focal point of the bathroom - anywhere they have a drain connection and faucet (wall mount, freestanding & a few deck mount).

Freestanding Tub Systems:
- Soaking Tub: Tub only, no jets
- Thermal Comfort System (Americh), Radiance (MTI), Rayola (Neptune) or Hydro Blanket (Hydro Systems): Integrated Shell Heating System
- Air Bathtub: Vigorous skin massage. Warm air is blown into the bathtub.
- Whirlpool: Deep tissue massage, water jets. Freestanding whirlpool or heated soaking tubs. →

• Also see Clawfoot, Copper or Cast Iron Bathtubs
We carry so many freestanding bathtubs we divided them out for easier shopping.

5 ½' Freestanding Bathtub by Tub Length:

Find Great Freestanding Tubs with Factory Direct Sale Prices

We carry quality bathtubs with thick acrylic and strong warranties. Our tubs come to you factory direct and we pass those savings on to you, giving you high quality at reasonable prices.

Tubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest
* Deck Mount Faucet | Denotes the possibility of deck mounted faucets. The manufacturer does not drill the holes (or provide the faucet). But your contractor can drill the holes and install the faucets on the tub rim.

64" - 65" Freestanding Tub
64" Freestanding Bathtub
65" Freestanding Tub
66" Freestanding Tub

Choose Bathtub Width:

66" x 27" - 66" x 29" Free Standing
66" x 31" Free Standing Tub
66" x 32" Freestanding Tub
66" x 33" - 66" x 34" Freestanding Bathtub
66" x 35"
66" x 36" Freestanding Bath Tub
66" x 37" - 66" x 38" Free Standing Bathtub
66" x 40" Tub
66" x 42" Freestanding

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