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Heated Soaking Tub - Heated Soaker Bathtubs

Featured in White Rectangle Tub as a Undermount

Soak in warm soothing water for as long as you would like

There are two types of heated tubs. Heated soaking tubs will maintain the water temperature. Heated surface will warm the tub surface.

Heated Soaking Tubs

A heated soaking bath re-circulates water, like a whirlpool but instead of white water rapid speed, more like a slow running creek. As the water is taken from the bath it runs through an in-line heater, then once heated, back into the bath. This heater will keep the temperature of the water with in 1 to 2 degrees of what the bath water was poured at, for as long as the bath is on. There are two suction covers - one to pull water out of the bath - the other to put the water back in. Click here to see the in-line heater for Hydro Systems Fusion
We offer heated soakers from Aquatic (HotSoak), Americh, Hydro Massage (Soothe Soak), Hydro Systems (Hydro Fusion) and MTI (HTISOAK)

Shop Heated Soaking Tubs by Shape & Size


Heated Soaking Tub

Look for the Heated Soaking Tub Symbol

We have divided our tubs into the 4 styles listed below, then by size. Once the size has been chosen, tubs will be listed from smallest to largest & each bathtub will list whether it is a whirlpool, air, soaking, heated soaker or combination bath tub. Look for the "H" (pictured on the left) - the tubs with this symbol are offered as heated soaking tubs.



Drop-in or Undermount
Rectangle Tub
60" Rectangle
66" Rectangle
72" Rectangle

Oval & Round
Drop-in or Undermount
Oval Drop-in Tub
60" Oval & Round
66" Oval & Round
72" Oval & Round

Drop-in or Undermount
Corner Jacuzzi Tub
60" Corner
66" Corner
72" Corner

Integral Skirt & Flange
Alcove Tub - 3 Wall Installation
60" Alcove
66" Alcove
72" Alcove

Heated Surface

Heat panels are integrated into the structure of the bath to warm the bath much like the heated seats in a car. Heated surface systems will not maintain the temperature like a heated soaking tub but they add luxury. Three of our tub manufactures offer a heated surface option. Click on the company name to see the tubs offered:
Hydro Systems
Hydro Blanket wraps you in a world of warmth and relaxation. Multi-zone heat allows you to pick from 2 - 5 heat zones on the sides or bottom of the bath. Turn on the thermostat and set the dial to a maximum setting of 110°
Heated back support specifically designed for total relaxation. Integrated into the tub, the electronic control allows you to choose between two heat settings 104° & 110°. This system takes about 90 seconds to warm the bath.
Radiance surface heating system provides an even distribution of warmth to eliminate the shock of a cold tub and increases relaxation during the bath. This system includes electronic heating grids for 2 zones. Tub surface can vary from 85 -100°.

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