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Japanese Soaking Tub

MTI Jasmine 2 Round, Drop-in Bathtubub

Japanese Inspired Bathtub - Small, Deep Soaking, Whirlpool and Air

Japanese style tubs are small and deep. They are designed with a seat(s), allowing bathers to sit comfortably in deep water.  Sitting in a Japanese bathtub is like sitting on a chair.
You sit upright in a japanese style bath
Perfect for small bathrooms, the smaller ones take up little space. Most of our tubs listed are for drop-in or undermount installation but you will find one that is freestanding. When choosing a Japanese inspired tub, make sure you'll be able to get the tub sideways through doorways. These tubs are tall (28" - 36"). The standard door width is 34", but not all doors are standard so be sure to double check.
Traditionally Japanese Tubs are Soaking Bathtubs
All the tubs we offer are available as soaking tubs. For those that want more massage options; most of the tubs are also offered as a whirlpool, air bath or combination of both.
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We carry the top tub manufacturers. Our tubs come to you factory direct and we pass those savings on to you.

Tub System Key

Most of the tubs we carry are offered in multiple systems. Use the following key to find out the systems offered on each tub listed below.

Soaking Tub Only Soaking Tub Only
Heated Soaking Tub Heated Soaking Tub
Air Jet Tub Air Jets
Whirlpool Jet Tub Whirlpool Jets
Both Whirlpool & Air Jets Combination Whirlpool & Air

Tubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest

Japanese Style Bathtub by Size

40" Small Japanese Style Tub
52" - 60" Japanese Inspired Tub
66" Large Japanese Tub
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