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Alcove Tub

Alcove Tub - 3 Wall Installation

Soaking, Whirlpool or Air Bathtub with Skirt and Tile Flange

We define an alcove tub as a bath that is installed between three walls, has a front skirt and a tile flange. These bathtubs can be used for a tub & shower combination or bath only. They can be a soaking bathtub or have a massage system such as a whirlpool or air. Use the links below to shop all of our alcove baths by size. To learn more about alcove styles & features: Alcove Tub Features →

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Alcove Bathtub Features

Integral Front Skirt

The alcove tubs we have listed in this section have an integral skirt. Some have a smooth flat panel skirt that doesn't allow for access. Others offer system access through the skirt with a removable panel.

Custom Skirt

1) Removable skirt & flange can be ordered as an option with some manufacturers. (1st picture below)
2) Create a skirt with tile or wood. For this a drop-in tub is ordered with flange option. (2nd & 3rd picture below)

For these two styles: Shop Rectangle Tubs by Size → (Look for "Alcove Options" in the description)

Tile Flange

A flange is used when the walls surrounding the bath are going to be tiled down to the top of the bathtub rim. The flange will be integral to the tub or an add-on. Shower combo tubs have a lot of water splashing on the rim. The flange prevents this water from seeping down behind the bathtub.
(click on pictures below for more information)

Add on tile Flange Integral Tile Flange

No Flange

Do not use a flange if there will be a flat area between the tub and the wall. This tub is installed within an alcove, but since it is not directly touching the walls, it is considered a drop-in bathtub.
Drop-in Rectangle Bath Installed in an Alcove

Alcove Tub without the Alcove

All the pictures and descriptions we have shown so far are of an alcove with floor to ceiling walls. We wanted to show another example. 1 wall & 2 knee-walls surround this bathtub, an open concept but it is still considered an alcove installation.
1 wall, 2 knee-walls surround this bathtub

Access - What is the big deal?

Access is needed for any repairs to the bathtub's system (whirlpool, air or heated soaker). Repairs with the companies we carry are very rare. But, Murphy's Law suggests build access and it won't be needed, don't and there will be trouble. Most motors are located behind the backrest, but position does depend on the manufacturer. A 16" x 16" panel is common among manufacturers. See technical sheets for more information.

Tub & Shower Combo

• Look for a bath that is straight up and down by the drain. This will allow the most room for showering. Some of our customers have used a center drain tub as a shower. Take note where the shower head and tub spout are located. You don't want the spout behind a bather's head or the shower head over a back slant.
• Avoid seats or uneven bottoms to avoid trip hazards
• Look for lower rim height: over 22" is difficult to step over on a daily basis to take a shower.

Comfortable Tub

There are many factors to consider when selecting a bath: bathing room, back slant and water depth. We have more information on tub size here: Bathtub →

Soaking, Whirlpool or Air?

A whirlpool bathtub with provide deep tissue massage while an air tub is a vigourus skin carress. Heated soaking tubs will keep the water warm. You can find out more about the tub systems here: Spa Bathtubs →

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