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72 Inch (6 Foot) Alcove Whirlpool, Air & Soaking Tubs

Tub Slid Between 3 Walls

6' - 3 Wall Bathtubs with Front Skirts & Tile Flange

These bathtubs are meant to be tucked into a 3 wall alcove. They come with an integral tile flange so the walls can be tiled for a shower. Most have an integral front skirt others only have the flange so a custom skirt can be created. The notes below will indicate if it is a tile flange only.
See Alcove Tubs → for more information on skirts, flanges and other alcove features to consider.

Whirlpool, Air or Soaking Bathtub?
There are a lot of bath systems offered. With a soaking tub there isn't a system or jets. You can add a recirculating pump and heater to a soaking tub for a tub that will not lose water temperature for as long as it is on. You can have air jets for a light skin caress or water jets that provide a deep tissue massage. Or have a combination tub that uses both. We have included in the descriptions above if the tub is offered in any of these systems: Soaking Tub, Heated Soaking, Air Bathtub & Whirlpool Combination.
Tub Slid Between 3 Walls

Find Great Tubs with Factory Direct Sale Prices

We carry quality bathtubs with thick acrylic and strong warranties. Our tubs come to you factory direct and we pass those savings on to you, giving you high quality at reasonable prices.

Tubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest

72" x 32" - 72" - 34" Alcove
72" x 36" Alcove Bathtub
72" x 40" Alcove Tub

More 72" Alcove Tubs:
Shop 72" Rectangle Drop-in Bathtubs → Many drop-in tubs have the option of a skirt &/or flange. Look for "Alcove Options" in the description. This means a tile flange and front skirt are possibilities.
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