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Air Tub | Air Whirlpool | Air Jetted Bathtub

Air Tub, Air Bath, Thermal Air, Champagne Air, Bubble Tub or Air Masseur

Known by different names - all represent an Air Jetted Whirlpool Bath

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What is An Air Tub?

An air tub creates thousands of warm bubbles that caresses the skin. The bubbles stimulate the skin's light touch receptors, producing an overall calming effect.
Air Tub Bubbles from Tub Side
How Air Tubs Work
A blower (motor for an air bathtub) works like a giant hair dryer. It warms the room temperature air by approximately 30° and blows it into the bathtub. Its kind of like when you were a kid and blew through a straw into your soda, producing lots of large and small bubbles. Air tubs differ from a whirlpool in that the massage is much softer. Take your hands, open faced and rub them together. This is the massage intensity of an air tub. The intensity can be changed with the control. Turn it down for a "low simmer" or all the way up for a "full boil". An Air Tub differs from a Whirlpool in many ways. See Spa Tub for more information.

Are Air Tubs Cold?
Often it is said that air tubs can feel cold, or cool down quickly. The air blown through the tub is warm, but it can feel cool on the skin. Let's say you are working outside and you are hot and a bit sweaty. A breeze blows by and even though the breeze is the same temperature as the surrounding air, it gives you the chills. Air on hot, wet skin can cause chilly sensation. Some people are more prone to this than others. If this sensation effects you, an air tub can still be for you - look for a perimeter air system (see air jet location below).

Until recently a in-line heater to maintain water temperature was only an option on a whirlpool. Now MTI, Hydro Systems and Hydro Massage offer a 2nd system that includes a pump/heater to keep the temperature consistent. It re-circulates water, like a whirlpool but instead of white water rapid speed, more like a slow running creek. As the water is taken from the bath it runs through an in-line heater, then once heated, back into the bath. This heater will keep the temperature of the water with in 1 to 2 degrees of what the bath water was poured at, for as long as the bath is on. There are two suction covers - one to pull water out of the bath - the other to put the water back in. This system does take a separate GFCI electrical connection

Choosing the Perfect Air Tub

How do you choose from so many? The simplest way is to give us a call - 866-380-0303. is here to help you sort through all the tubs to pick the best air bathtub to fit your needs and budget.

Once you have determined the size that will fit in your bathroom. We will help you choose the style - round, rectangle, oval or corner. Look at jet location, bathing well size and motor location. And add the options that will add to your bath experience.
More Information
- Our article Bathroom Tub gives thoughts on the different things to consider like installation styles, tub size and options.

Air Jet Placement

Not all tub companies put there air jets in the same location. Some are perimeter systems (just above the tub floor, around the sides of the bathtub), some are across the bottom and some include jets on the back. Some offer a option of perimeter or bottom, some have all. With a perimeter system the air blows horizontally in to the bath. It pushes the water at the bather, the air not hitting the skin directly. When the system is on the bottom, air comes up directly under the bather, bubbles hitting the skin, giving a more vigorous massage. The technical sheet for the bathtub will give more information on air location.

Air System from Side of Bathtub
Perimeter Air Jets
Air Bubbles from Bottom of Bath
Bottom Air Jets
Jacuzzi Pure Air®  Back Air Jets
Back Air Jets

Air Jet System

There are two air systems - air injector and air channel. With an air injector each air port is individually plumbed with a back flow prevention. Air can come into the bath but water can not flow into the piping system, In the case of a channel system there is a channel built around the bath. Air flows into the channel then into the tub through the air jets. Air and water can enter the channel. Both systems have a purge cycle. About 20 minutes after the tub is turned off, the system restarts blowing air into the the tub to remove any water in the system or surrounding the injectors.

Neptune Tonic - Small Air Bubbles

Neptune's Tonic system is an air tub but like no other. Tonic massage system combines water and warm air to immerse the body in comforting effervescence. Relaxing, yet energizing, each session is like a wonderful, embracing caress of micro bubbles for the whole body. More information→
Micro Bubbles Fill the Tub

Leading Air Tub Companies

We are very proud of the tub companies we carry. They create bathtubs from the highest quality of acrylic, heavy duty fiberglass backing, excellent blowers and plenty of options. Below find a summary of the air tub features listed by manufacture: Americh | Atlantis | Aquatic | Hydro Systems | Hydro Massage | Jacuzzi® | MTI | Neptune


Neptune creates baths with beauty in form and function. Most baths can be equipped with one of two air systems, or both! Perfectly hygienic, both systems are equipped with air injectors and an automatic drying cycle and requires no other maintenance. 1 ½ h.p. blowers are combined with 300W heating element. Neptune Air baths can be combined with a whirlpool system on most models.
Oval Classic Style Whirlpool
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Neptune Air Jets

Bottom Air Jets

Each bath is equipped with 12 to 34 injectors, which amounts to 72 to 204 outlets or more,
depending on the size of the bath and the customer’s wishes. The pre-heated air is projected
through these raised injectors creating in the process thousands of bubbles across the bottom
of the bath. This system is not recommended for tub/shower combinations.

Side Air Jets

A heating blower propels air in the bath water via micro-jets situated all around the bathtub and
sometimes even in the backrest. Each bathtub is equipped with 37 to 64 micro-jets, strategically
placed in order to maximize the therapeutic effects of the massage. This system has jets that
are more flush than the Mass-air, easier to clean the bath.

Large Air Jets on Side of Tub

The Tonic system is the perfect synergy of water and warm air. Eight Oxygen jets built-in to the bathtub’s contour ensure an optimal blend of water and warm air to produce thousands of micro bubbles that surround the body from head to toe. Safe and quiet, Tonic also provides preprogrammed sessions for an absolutely relaxing experience. Plus, every Tonic system comes with chromatherapy lighting and a built-in in water heater to maintain the water temperature.


MTI air bath system provides a light full-body massage through jets on the bottom of the bathing well. The air jets are barely visible and absolutely flush with the bottom of the bathing well. MTI's thermo-air massage system is inherently hygienic. Specially designed plastic protective jet housings, unique to MTI, isolate components to prevent residue buildup in the fiberglass backing of the bath. Sealed in each housing is a built-in backflow prevention check valve that's designed to keep bath water from entering the lines. Finally, 7 minutes after the water has drained from the tub, an automatic purge cycle engages for one minute to remove any water that might be remaining in the jets. This ensures that the next bath will be sanitary and fresh, even after a soaking bath or shower. In-line maintenance heater can be added to any air bath to maintain water temperature.
Air Jets Across Tub Floor

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Jacuzzi® air jets are across the bottom of the bathtub. They feature a patented 360° Balanced Air Flow System. This system delivers a balance flow of heat and air around the bather for a superior bathing experience with no cold spots. In addition, Jacuzzi® provides a best in class heated blower. The automatic blow drying function or purge cycle, cleans out excess moisture from the injectors after the system is turned off. They are also plumbed to insure maximum water drainage from sloped channels and feature at least one Thermal Lumbar Comfort area. With our exclusive TLC system, air channels continue up the lumbar area in a v-shape pattern allowing warm bubbles to caress the spine and loosen and soothe tired, tight back muscles.
Air System on Bottom of Tub
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Hydro Systems

Wash away stress and fatigue with our Thermal Air System. Thousands of tiny heated bubbles engulf your body in a therapeutic massage from the top of your neck to the soles of your feet. Numerous outlets placed throughout the lower portion of the bathtub providing an entire body experience that will soothe the body and calm the soul. This system also has a smart purge cycle that ensures a sanitary environment after each use. Hydro Systems Thermal Air Tubs are equipped with a 1.0 HP variable speed blower with a 600 watt heater, heated back rests and HydrOzone. This feature introduces natural ozone to immediately begin killing bacteria in your water. Fusion In-line maintenance heater can be added to any air bath to maintain water temperature.
Air Jets Bottom Tub Side
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Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage offers three types of air systems: Platinum, Gold and Silver r& two air jet styles: Button-Style & EZ Clean. Button Air jets are located around the perimeter of the bathtub sidewall, produce thousands of effervescent bubbles out of its 6 ports. The average system has over 108 ports to surround your body with dancing bubbles. Soothing oils and even mud bath solutions can enhance your bathing experience. EZ Clean air jets almost invisible. They are easy to keep clean which helps maintain the purity of the water by utilizing a check valve to help prevent water infiltration into the plumbing system. Located in the floor of the bath, these jets target the legs and surround the upper torso. Whisper Flo In-line Maintenance Heater can be added to any air bath to maintain water temperature.
Oval Whirlpool with Grab Bars
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Americh Airbath II and Airbath III
Surprise your senses with gentle bursts of warm air bubbles, invigorating your body and spirit with restorative energies.
With Americh you have a choice of two air systems. Choose Airbath II for air jets around the perimeter of the tub. Airbath III offers floor placed jets.
Rectangle Drop-in Tub with Armrests

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Aquatic Serenity

Aquatic Serenity Air Baths pulsate thousands of warm bubbles to excite the skin and massage the body. Serenity Series Features: Chromatherapy (not offered on freestanding tubs), 600 Watt Air Heating System, 1-HP Variable Speed Air Blower with Timer, Pre-Leveled ABS Support Base. Automated Purge and Dry Cycle with Water Sensors: Located near the drain, the two sensors will activate whenever they have been covered with water regardless if the air bath system was utilized. The purge and dry cycle will automatically activate 20 minutes after any contact with water, such as after a shower or cleaning. Aquatic air system is a perimeter system - air jets located on the bottom of the bath, against the sides.
Aquatic Serenity Air Jets
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An Atlantis air bathtub creates thousands of warm air bubbles that stimulate the skin’s light touch receptors, producing an overall calming effect. An air blower works like a giant hair dryer, taking the room temperature air, increasing it by approximately 30° and blowing it through the bath.
Air Buttons Around Side of the Tub
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