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The rising popularity of a freestanding bathtub has changed thoughts on bathroom design. In the past the tub was surrounded by tile work to create a focal point - basically to take the attention away from the tub. A freestanding bathtub is meant to be the focal point, their beauty and presence commands it. Yet they provide all the comfort and functionality of a drop-in.

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You don't have to wait for specials, search for a coupon, or cross your fingers and hope for a good deal. Our freestanding bathtubs are always on sale. We go to our best sale price and offer that to you right at the start. You will see that when the price is listed as "sale price". If you see "list price" then give us a call or drop us an email and we will offer you our best deal. We will ship our free standing baths anywhere in the contiguous US free of charge.

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Also called a floor mount tub, a freestanding bathtub has a skirt that entirely surrounds it. Some are raised off the floor with feet or a pedestal. Others have a more modern, streamline style.

Freestanding Bathtub Styles

: Traditionally styled, these baths are raised off the bathroom floor with 4 stylish feet.

Pedestal: Bathtub sits on a base or the tubs are molded with the look of a pedestal. Style varies from modern to traditional.

Corner & Back-to-the-Wall: These speciality tubs are made to be wall flowers. Tucked into a corner or against a wall, their beauty still blooms.

Bathtub System Key

When shopping by style or size you will find these symbols in the description to let you know what systems are offered.

Use the links above to shop (by size or style) to shop for free standing air or soaking bathtubs

Use the following link to shop for this style bath: Freestanding Whirlpool or Heated Soaking Tubs

Free Standing Bath Construction

Some freestanding bathtubs are molded as one piece, others come as two: 1) skirt & 2) drop-in. Put the tub in the skirt and you have a freestanding bathtub. If the tub is 2 piece and allows for deck mount faucets, the faucet installation may be easier. It also may mean the motor/blower is located within the skirt. Since every one is different, please check the technical information.

Freestanding Bathtub Drain

They may require a finished drain (will be visible). Others, it is integral to the bath (you will not see the piping). You will hear us state drains are universal, you can get them directly from your faucet manufacturer. In the case of freestanding bathtubs it is often better to get them together.

Faucets for Floor Mounted Tubs

There are 3 styles of faucets for these baths. I will apologize ahead of time, but I must repeat - each one is different, please check the technical information on each one to see the possibilities.

What is the Bathtub Made From?


Durable, non-staining, non-fading are just three of the reasons to use acrylic. It is less expensive to manufacture acrylic, keeping the price of these freestanding tubs lower than the other materials. The acrylic used on our baths is the thickest in the industry. The result is a durable tub that is easy to take care of. Acrylic baths are lighter than the alternatives. Some free standing bathtubs can be drilled for deck mount faucets. Others require freestanding or wall mounted faucet.

Solid Surface
Both Resin & Solid Surface freestanding bathtubs are included in this section. Both are a blend of natural and synthetic materials. They offer a non-porous finish that is so resistant to staining and discoloring. Clean water is usually all that is needed to keep it clean. Drying with a soft cloth after each use helps it retain its pristine appearance. Any minor scratches that may occur can be easily repaired. This style of bathtub requires freestanding or wall mounted faucets.

Copper finish is a living finish and will patina over time. Barclay Satin Nickel tubs are fashioned from copper with a pewter (also referred to as Satin Nickel) finish and will not patina under normal circumstances. To prevent water spotting wipe dry with a soft cloth after each use. Do not use copper or silver cleaners or any abrasive or harsh chemicals such as ammonia, acid, bleach, etc. Wash bathtub with mild soap and water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Occasionally apply beeswax to maintain rustic finish. Polishing with Olive Oil when needed will enrich the patina over time.

Cast Iron
Cast iron tubs are produced from solid quality cast iron billets to an average thickness of 3/8". They are covered with a ground coat, followed by 3 layers of Class AA High Grade cover coat enamel. Each coat is fired at 900ºC, resulting in a luster that should remain unfaded.

Tub Size - Freestanding for 2?

If a tub has two back slants & a center drain, It is considered a 2 person tub. If the tub has an end drain - one side slopes but the drain end is straight up and down - then the tub has been designed for one bather. Use the technical for the bath to find out the bathing well size and water height. This will let you know if two can truly fit.

Tub Manufacturers

5' (44" - 63") Freestanding Air & Soaking Bathtub

Modern Freestanding Bath with Integral Skirt
This listing features 5' acrylic, cast iron, copper and solid surface freestanding tubs

Tub System Key

All of our freestanding tubs are offered as a soaking, bathtub only. Some are also offered with an air system. The following symbols will guide you. Click here for freestanding whirlpool or heated soaker.

5' Freestanding Bathtub by Length:
39" - 59" Freestanding Bathtub

Tubs are listed by size: First by length, then by width, then by height - smallest freestanding to largest

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