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Freestanding Whirlpool & Heated Soaker Tubs

Neptune Saphyr Freestanding Whirlpool
Freestanding Bathtubs with Whirlpool Jets or Heater

This is not an easy tub to find. There are plenty of freestanding air and soaking tubs. But whirlpools & heated soaker tubs require piping that goes around the sides of the tub making it hard to fit a skirt. The motor needs to fit within the skirt and access to this motor is need.

We are going to list 4 styles of freestanding bathtubs in this section:
• Heated Soaker: This freestanding tub will maintain the water temperature with in a few degrees of what the water was poured at for as long as you will like. A recirculating pump slowly pulls the water from the tub, puts it though the heater and then back into the tub.
• Whirlpool: Back, side and foot water jets that provide a deep tissue massage. In-line heater options to maintain water temperature.
• Combination: Water Jets & Air Jets. Run the air system for a soft tissue massage, turn on the water jets for more massage or run both systems at the same time.
• VSM Massage: Electronic Massage with or without water. The motorized massage nodes offer several different levels of stimulation that allow users to personalize their massage. Choose adjustable pulsations, various levels of continuous vibration and three different sequences of Shiatsu type massage.

Find Great Tubs with Factory Direct Sale Prices

We carry quality bathtubs with thick acrylic and strong warranties. Our tubs come to you factory direct and we pass those savings on to you, giving you high quality at reasonable prices.

Tubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest

Freestanding Tub Motor Access
Motor access is important to any system tub. Warranty issues are very rare. But if they do happen and the motor can't be reached, then it can't be fixed. The freestanding whirlpools and heated soaking tubs have been designed to provide access in one of two ways:
1) Two piece construction allows for the tub to be dis-assembled proving full access to the motor.
2) Removable access panel is attached to the tub.
When you go to the tub detail page, it will let you know how access is achieved.

All freestanding tubs are offered as soaking tubs. Most also offer an air system. Plus, some of the soaking tubs have the possibility of heated tub surface. By using the link above you will see all the freestanding soaking and air tubs. The description will also indicate whether heated surface is possible.

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